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This site needs your music. I want to put your music in this site.
(1)  Must be your original. (You keep copyright after the tune is put in this site.)
(2)  No money is needed. (I give you no money, and you give me no money,)
Sending your tune
Please write short introduction (100 to 200 words) and send me email with MIDI file. (See the next paragraph.) 
Please include it can be used as homepage back ground music or not, and condition of using it.
When your tune is put on this site, I will send you a email. (No evaluation, but no guarantee to put your tune on this site.)
Your tune will be categorized into Rock, Pops, Classical, or so on. I select this category.
Contents of Mail
Title Original Song 
Body Introduction (Title, Author, Homepage URL. explanation of the tune)
Condition of use (Permission for back ground music)
Attached file  Midi file, MP3 file