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These are list of my activities that is in public.
Mito Geijyutsu Kan UN BOY (2003)
Video Canon was exhibited at Mito.
SUAC Media Art Festival (2002)
Music Plant was exhibited.
Kobe Fashion Museum Record of Astro Boy(2002)
Virtual Plant that grows with ultra sonic sensor was exhibited.
Spiral Rendez-vours Noboru Tsubaki & Softpad (2002)
I developed program of sensor value processing and was lecturer of workshop.
Spiral Rendez-vours Noboru Tsubaki Workshop (2001)
I was a lecturer of workshop.
Osaka Doutonbori SUMISO (2000)
Music Plant was exhibited.
Kobe Motomachi Forecast (2000)
Music Plant was exhibited.
ICC Biennale 99 Motoshi Chikamori [en] (1999)
The art work was by Mr. Motoshi Chikamori. I helped to develop the program.