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Provides information about creation and usage of original song ringtone (voice ringtone) and movie ringtone.
File Size Of Song Ringtone & Movie Ringtone
As you can expect, there is a limitation in files that can be handled by the mobile phones. For example, the limitation of file size is up to 500KB in FOMA models, and 300KB in 900i series. Therefore, it is advisable that you keep the file size as small as possible.
The method for compressing audio file is what we call audio codec.
Audio Codec
Codec Name Format Adopted Feature
Transfer rate can be flexibly changed according to the grade and the status of the circuit. Since this is not intended for music, sound quality is not good. (Originally intended for human voice.)
The compression efficiency is about 1.4 times higher than MP3, and sound quality is almost the same (harder to be distorted than MP3). Maximum sampling frequency is 96kHz.