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This page provides information about creating original Ringtone melody/songs/video and applying them to your mobilephone.
We're still investigating further information, however, its procedure will be as follows.
Bring source files
Bring source files which include melody, voice or video. Their extensions should be mov, avi, wav, aiff, and so on.
Converting files (3GPP/3GPP2)
Convert source files into specified formats depending on mobilephones. They should be 3GPP or 3GPP2.
The latest version of QuickTime provided by Apple Computer Inc. is applied.
If a file contains video, it's called "Video Ringtone". If it contains voice and melody,
it's called "Song Ringtone".
Converting files (MLD/MMF)
MLD file for DOCOMO and MMF for AU and VODAFONE are known as Ringtone formats.
They can record not only music data such as MIDI for PC but also voice data such as WAV for PC.
To proceed this conversion, many kinds of sharewares and freewares are available.
Transferring files
Place converted files on web server, then download them for your mobilephone. We can e-mail them as attached files, and also can transfer them via memory card, "miniSD".
For AU mobilephone, we can send Song Ringtone as attached files. DOCOMO mobilephone cannot accept attached files, however, can receive them from PC via "miniSD".
Necessary Environment, Tool & File (Summary)
Material File (Music File)
Converting Tool
FTP Software
Server Domain

Things listed above are necessary.