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3GP & 3G2
Advanced formats of MLD and MMF have been used in the early song ringtones. Recently, 3GP and 3G2 are used in the most types of mobile phones.
What Is 3G?
3G stands for "3rd Generation". So, it means 3rd generation mobile telecommunication system. In short, this is the standard of the mobile phone, and the standard is the third generation. But there exists 2 frames for the standard of 3G. One frame is called 3GPP that supports W-CDMA format mainly used in Japan and Europe. Another frame is called 3GPP2 that supports CDMA2000 mainly used in America. In Japan, DoCoMo and vodafone adopt W-CDMA and au adopts CDMA2000.
Song ringtone file for 3GPP will be 3GP and 3GPP2 will be 3G2.