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Provides information about general knowledge of sequence software.
What is sequence software?
It's a software to create music files for PC, such as MIDI, by inputting music notes.
It's also known as "music composer software".
Products information
The most popular sequence software in Japan is probably "Singer Song Writer" by Internet Inc.
"XG-WORKS" by YAMAHA, "SOL","Recomposer"by COME ON MUSIC Corp.,"SONAR(Cakewalk)" and "Cubase" by Steinberg Media Technologies are also popular.
Product name Developper Country Features
Singer Song Writer Internet Co. Japan For beginners. Ringtones composer available.
XG-WORKS YAMAHA Co. Japan Bundled up in YAMAHA products.
SOL YAMAHA Co. Japan Advanced version of XG-WORKS
Recomposer COME ON MUSIC Corp. Japan Used to be popular for step input.
Cubase Steinberg Media Technologies GMBH Germany For advanced users.
SONAR Cakewalk U.S.A. Popular except in JapanH