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About Works of NeuroCube
NewroCube was developed by a venture software developer based in Kobe System Watt.
NeuroCube is a robotic system that allows dynamic and flexible configuration by users.
Elements such as sensors, wheels or a motor are available as units that can be combined easily.
Robots with a variety of functions can be built using NeuroCube.
It can be used for creating a piece of media art. Here are some examples.
NeuroCube Set

NeuroCube includes customized version of Automated Composing System.
Virtual Plant (Visual Basic)

As a visitor's hand approaches, an ultrasonic sensor measures the distance
and the plant grows while the sound also changes. Both the plant and music
are based on fractal algorithm.
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Ultrasonic Theremin (Director)

The ultrasonic sensor measures the distance to produce different sound pitch.
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Orchestration System (VC++)

Using plural units more sophisticated sound composition with plural players
is possible.
In this case 8 units are used. (workshop at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of
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Work of media arts using NeuroCube
Demonstration & Workshop Log
MIT Media Lab workshop
2003/10/08 Appu Corp.
2003/05/04 Mito Geijyustu Kan UN Boy Workshop
2003/03/21 Hyogo IT&A Student Grand prix 2002?@Virtual Plant (Visual Basic)
2002/11/19 UCLA Workshop (Real Video) 
2002/11/18 UCLA Mr.Tsubaki's Lecture (Real Video)
2002/11/15 Canada Derivative (Real Video)
2002/11/15 Canada Web Production Company(Real Video) 
2002/09/28 - 10/17 Doshisya Joshi University (Real Video) 
2002/08/24 DSP Summer School (Shizuoka Bunka Geizyutsu University) 
2002/07/16 Doshisya Joshi University
2002/05/2 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
2002/04/15 Intermedia Laboratory
2002/02/16 Maronie Fashion School