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About MusicPlant
MuicPlanet is an art work. Music and video change with pointed continental of the Earth.

Web Cam Version
Continentals on the Globe are colored with various color, such as red and blue. When you put camera on a continental, music changes to the music common to the continental, such as Asian music and African music.
For example, when Yesterday of Beatles is played, if you point at Japan, the instruments changes to Koto and Japanese drum and scale is changed to Japanese scale.

Optical Muse Version
There are three PCs in the exhibition set. The left PC is used to select the tune to play. The Center PC is used to point at the continental. The Right PC is used to play video. When Globe is rotated, the Earth of 3DCG in the center PC also rotates. Video of pointed continental is played in the right PC. User can select his/her favorite tune by mouse with looking at the left PC.
(1) Illustrates that arrangement of tune makes the tune very different.
(2) Illustrates that instruments and scale have big role for characterizing music of the continental.
Promotion Video
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Exhibition Log

2003/12/16 - 2003/12/21

SUAC Media Art Festival 2003