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I examine how to create music for video games here. I embedded game music functions into the Automated Composing System. I mention how I developed these functions in this page.
RPG Theme music for Hero 
About theme music for Hero What are characteristics of a Hero music in RPG? They are "Brave", "Brightness", and "nimbleness." If you consider these characteristics in terms of Music, they mean "Major Key" and "Up-tempo." Therefore, 16 beat is used as rhythm. Usually, a hero starts his journey from a Castle, at which time a brass band of soldiers cheers him on. So, in Automated Composing System, brass sound is used for the melody instrument.  
Sample by Automated Composing System MIDI Data
RPG Theme music for Fighting 
About theme music for Fighting The characteristics of Fighting music are " tension" and "darkness." These mean "Minor Key" and "Up-tempo" in music. Some dissonance may be needed to create tensions. And to produce image of darkness, some low-pitched instruments are needed, such as Bass.  
Sample by Automated Composing System MIDI Data
Links to related topics The game "Pacula's Curse", which uses some MIDIs made with the Automated Composing System, has been released and can be downloaded or purchased.
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