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I examine how to create music for video games here. I embedded game music functions into the Automated Composing System. I mention how I developed these functions in this page.
Blues comes from U.S.A. I heard a story from my jazz piano teacher how Blues music was made up.
It's not sure but almost like following history.
African American who were forced to come to the U.S.A. as slaves had their own music style.
Their rythm and scales were different from those of Western music, especially for scales, they used 5-note scales called Pentatonic. On the other hand, American put musical instruments such as pianos and guitars in a warehouse which is used as slaves' home. Those instruments were tuned in 12-equal-temperament. When African American tried to play them in 5-note scales, the tunes were changed E to Eb, B to Bb. These tunes are called Blue Note. For example, CEG makes CΔ chord. It's based on Western style scales, if they play Blue Note "Eb" , it will make a unique discord. Blues... is it a compalsory fusion White and Black?
Sample music powered by Automated Composing System (coming soon...)
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