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Provides information how music can be played in reverse.
What is reverse music?
Some people think that music are controlled by nature like Mathematics and Physics. They say
they can create music by playing regular note levels or tunes in reverse. In this page, we play a present popular music in reverse.
By playing note levels and tunes in reverse, we can create another song which has same characteristics. When both note levels and tunes are turned, sound range goes completely the same direction. It means, it can have the same characteristics with the original one.
(Further explanations will come sometime I have time.)
Playing in reverse note level
Cheerful songs turn to gloomy, gloomy songs turn to cheerful. This is because the major chords turn to minor, and minor chords turn to major.
Create a reverse melody using program
Apply this programto create reverse MIDI melodies.
Reversed Canon
We have Canon technique in Classical music. You'll soon know it's hard to create Canon melody. First, we need to create an original melody, then gradually slide them and play repeatedly. It will make discord, and need to be modified, however, soon after that, you'll notice another discord. Thus, it's hard to create melodious songs with lots of modifications.
But, it's easy to create Canon when Canon melody are played in reverse. Canon is Canon in regular play and in reverse. You'll listen to Pachelbel's Canon played in reverse