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This page provides information about Mandelbrot Music.
Mandelbrot's idea
Mandelbrot is the name of French scholar who used the word "fractal."Fractal is a word that is used to describe characteristics of figures. When a part of Fractal figure is magnified, it appears as the similar figure of original one. Wnen that part of figure is magnified, it also resembles original figure. Although Mandelbrot figure seems very complex, Mandelbrot set was defined by a simple equation. 

Zn+1 = Zn*Zn+a (Z0 = 0)

Z and 'a' are complex numbers, and the set of 'a' where |Z(n)| does not diverge infinity is called "Mandelbrot set" 

Mr. Yo. Kubota developed a software tool that generates music tunes from Mandelbrot set. His web site provides the tool and source code.
Links to related topics
Mandelbrot Theater I made a page that displays a Mandlbrot figure with Mandelbrot music. I modified free source codes that is provided at web site, "Fractal for Java Applet."