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The oldest algorithmic composition which uses random number might be dice music of Mozart. However, this is just a mechanism which changes arrangement of patterns (measures) and has no other composing mechanism. Austrian musician, Hauer devised a mechanism which generates chord from random numbers and some rules. 
I have just a little information about Hauer and information here might not be accurate. There is a name of Hauer on the music dictionary "Globe", but it has no information about his chord generation mechanism. There is an Internet site which provides information about Hauer, but it is in German which I can not read. 
Why chord generation mechanism is needed? 
A chord might consist of 3 or 4 notes. For example, C major chord consists of notes C, E, G. If you select these notes by using random numbers, then they might be C, C#, D. These notes are dissonances and can not be called chord. So, you can not select notes randomly when you make chord. There must be some rules to construct a chord.
Hauer's mechanism
Assign numbers to 12 notes, from C to B. 1 to C, 2 to C#, 3 to D, 4 to D#, and so on. 
Categorize these notes into 4 groups.  
<1> <2> <3> <4>
1 2 3
C C# D
4 5 6
D# E F
7 8 9
F# G G#
10 11 12
A A# B
Get a number from 12 face dice. If the number is 5, make a sound of E.
Get a number from the dice again. If the number is 1, make a sound of C. So, it makes a harmony with C. However, if a note which belongs to the same category of prior note, then stop the sound of prior note and begin the new sound. For example, if you get 4, then stop the E sound and begin the D# sound.
For example, if you get the numbers as 1,5,8,7, then you get a score like this. 
If you get the following numbers as 2, 10, 10, 12, then the score will be like this. 
Chords which consist of 4 notes are keeping generated if you continue this process.
Even though there are chances that dissonance of minor 2nd is generated, this method is interesting.
Additional Information
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