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Things from the nature heals people's mind. Ocean waves, wind sound are example. So, some people tried to extract music seed from data of natural things. I made a program that generates music from Japanese land data.
What is Genome Music? 
DNA is composed by only four elements. These are A, T, C, G (adenine, thymine, cytosine, guanine). DNA is a sequence of these elements. If spices are different, they have different DNA sequence. Even within human, there are differences between each person.
Sequence of A, T, C, G has order in some part, and random in some part. Researchers researches this sequence to cure disease and make clones. Some Researchers come to idea that making music from this sequence and listen to it will make finding pattern in sequence easier. Genome music had begun like this.
A, T, C ,G are composed by smaller elements. These are I, V , L , M , F , W , Y , C , A , P , G , T , S , Q , N , E , D , H , K , R. All of these are amino acid. Using these sequence also used by composing music. 
People who made genome music
Susumu Ohno is famous researcher who made music from DNA sequence. He published some paper and tune in 1980's. Other researchers made DNA music as well. In early 2001, Celera Genomics Corp. made DNA map public, then some researchers made music from it. You can find some music at MP3 com. (If you want to know URL, email me.)
Making Genome music
I will develop software that make music from data of Celera Genomics. It will be put link just below.
Download the Program
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