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This page provides information about Fractal Music.
What is fractal?
Magnify just a part of picture, then you'll see the same forms again and again, this is called fractal. There're some kinds of fractals including treechart.
When magnifying the right picture, you'll see it's a part of the left picture. It's also called self-similar figures.
What is Fractal Music?

In music, we can see a small "fractal" part in a bar becomes the same stream in a block or whole songs.
For example, on above score, each note moves 1-6-2-5, and each bar moves 1-6-2-5 too.
Is Fractal Music strange?
Above example is rare but many songs include the fractal tendency. "Auld Lang Syne", for example.
In that song, following patterns are repeated throughout the song and phrases.
(For further information, see DTM magazines back number.)