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What is ethnic music? What element distinguishes an ethnic music style from other ethnic music styles? For example, what is the difference between Okinawa music and Scotland music? I think elements of music are (1) melody (scale), (2 ) chord, (3) rhythm, and (4) instruments. 
First, let's think about melody. Rock and Blues are easy examples, even though they are not ethnic music. Rock uses normal music scale while Blues includes blue-notes in its music scale. Next, think about chords. Rock uses simple chords (triad) while Jazz includes 7th in its chords. Chord progression of Jazz is more complicated than that of Rock as well. For rhythm, Rock uses 8 beat, Fusion uses 16 beat, Jazz uses 4 beat. Finally, think about musical instruments. It is easy to see differences between Classical music and Rock music. Especially, musical instruments are important elements of ethnic music, since each country has different music instruments. 
I am trying to capture features of each ethnic music style based on this idea, and to reproduce them with automated composing system. This page includes considerations that I faced when I embedded functions of ethnic music composition.
About Hawaiian Music
I am not sure that people consider Hawaiian music as ethnic music. But the music has very strong characteristics. Hawaiian music uses very slow sliding guitars and ukuleles. Guitar strings are tuned for major chord. (This kind of guitar is called slack key guitar.) So, Hawaiian music uses many major chords in its chord progression. I am not sure but I guess guitarist uses bottle neck and scratch strings with it. 
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Sample by Automated Composing System
slack key guitar, ukulele
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