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I examine how to create Classical Music here. I embedded a Classical Music Composing function into the Automated Composing System. I mention how I developed these functions on this page.  
Characteristics of Classical Music
Classical music uses chords differently than popular music. It does not allocate a chord to each major (or each half major) like popular music. At least, the chord symbols are not displayed in the music scores. However, Classical music uses chords, of course. I think that Classical music allocates one chord to each melody note. Following these ideas, the Automated Composing System has a function called "voicing," and it puts a chord under a melody note. 
Classical music has more restrictions than popular music, and it is very picky about dissonance. So, this idea is also included in the Automated Composing System. I also think that Classical music puts stress on down beat rather than up beat.  
Cembalo Solo 
About Cembalo Solo Before the piano was invented, keyboards were organ and cembalo. What is Cembalo Solo? Some people may imagine J.S. Bach's music, first. If the harpsichord is selected as the musical instrument, it already sounds like Bach's music. It may sound better if the bass line is arranged like a melody line, while popular music has very patternized bass lines. In addition, some trills are put into melody and bass notes. It makes the music more classical. 
Sample by Automated Composing System 
Piano Solo  
About Piano Solo Chopin is one of the most famous composers of Classical Piano music. The Automated Composing System composes Piano Solo with the same setting of Cembalo Solo, except instrument. The original piano sound of MIDI is not suited for piano solo play. Therefore, the reverb effect is used to increase echo, and the brightness effect is used to make sound more bright. 
Sample by Automated Composing System 
Church Organ 
About Church Organ J.S. Bach is one of the most famous composers of organ music. Music that is played by the organ at church has some distinguishing characteristics. In Classical music, dissonant of 7th and 2nd notes sounds very weird, unlike Jazz and Fusion. Classical music uses strings and organs, but dissonant sound more weird with these instruments because the attack sound of these instruments are weak and the sound holds long. Therefore, the Automated Composing System has a mechanism that reduces these dissonant. 
Sample by Automated Composing System 
String Quartet 
About String Quartet Although it is called string "quartet", Automated Composing System uses five strings. To make melody stereo, two tracks are used for main melody. Detune and delay effects are used for Additional track, and each track is put left or right. In Classical Music, dissonance among melody lines sounds very strange, so the Automated Composing System has a mechanism that deletes dissonance. It uses Cello as Bass instrument. It creates a melodic bass line instead of a patternized bass line like cembalo and piano solo. Three strings play melody lines, and pizzicato sounds occasionally.
Sample by Automated Composing System 
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