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This page provides differences among XG, GS, and GM.
What is MIDI Standards? 
There some standards for MIDI. For example, GM is a common standard, and XG is for Yamaha and Roland is for Roland. MIDI standards regulates Sound Generator specifying music instruments, sound effects, so on. 
Methods of Sound Generation
GM specifies only 128 music instruments. It is not enough for most tunes. XG and GS includes more music instruments to use. For example, Roland's SC-88Pro has 1,117 instruments and 42 drum sets while Yamaha's MU-128 has 1,389 instruments and 47 drum sets. In XG and GS, sound effects and other functions are also extended as well as music instruments. 
Comparison of MIDI Standards 
Standards Maker Products
GM Common Standard --
GS Roland SC-88 family
XG Yamaha MU family 
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