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Recently, we have lots of new products of MIDI and hard disc recorders. On the Internet, new technologies such as MP3 and MIDI II has been attracted a great deal of public attention. On the other hand, beginners have some basic questions "How do I start DTM?","What kind of hardware do I need?", and so on.
We provide general information of DTM hardware and software , and predict its future tendency.
MIDI Sound Generator
In DTM world, sound generator means MIDI. Sound generator is also called sound modure, in the other word, sound generator is a unit of synthesizer without keyboards. Samplers are one of sound generator, however, MIDI sound generator are generally GM(or GS, XG) standardized products.

Roland SC-88 and YAMAHA MU series are those of MIDI sound generators. They make sounds on receiving MIDI signals, so they are just boxes without keyboards, PC and MIDI signal output devices.

Also, it's possible to install the sound generator as software inside PC. These are called software sound generator and software synthesizer. Considering about PC development, software sound generators can be paid more attention in the future because of their advantage which is easy to add further functions such as tone processing.
Sequence software
Sequence software is used to arrange MIDI data on PC. On Windows, they are XGworks, SSW, Cakewalk, Recomposer, and so on. There're little difference between those softwares, however, they have unique characteristics, for example, XGworks have great affinity to YAMAHA sound generators, SSW have useful auto arrange functions for beginners. New products tend to have additional functions treating MIDI arrangement and Audio. These can record not only MIDI play but also vocals.
MIDI controller
It may sound strange but MIDI controllers are devices which output MIDI signal to sound generator or PC such as MIDI keyboards and guitars. Curious MIDI contollers are Wind controller in recorder shaped, silent drums which are popular recently, and more. When inputting data using sequence softwares, we can use a mouse on PC, and it's efficient to use MIDI controllers if you are familiar with music instruments.
Have you heard about KAOSS PAD released by KORG recently? The effect changes as scratching pad with fingers, and this product is also used as MIDI controller by scratching its pad. These kinds of controllers will be popular in the future.
Coming up
In the next story, we'll provide Audio information about WAV, MP3, format of sound files, hard disc recording, CD-R, and more.