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Provides links.
Software tool for MIDI tuning English
Site Name is  Scala Home Page.
Page Name is Scala Home Page.
ZIP file that contains more than 1440 musical scales English
It is  FTP Site.
Page Name is Scales.ZIP.
Microtonal music and links English
Site Name is  John Starrett.
Page Name is Microtonal Music.
XG and Classical Music Scales Japanese
Site Name is  T.Min's Page.
Page Name is Exclusive data of Classical Music Scales.
GS nad Classical Music Scales Japanese
Site Name is  FMIDICLA.
Page Name is Classical Music Scales.
Tuning Applet English
Site Name is  Tuning and Timbre Applet.
Page Name is Tuning and Timbre Applet.
Guitar and Tuning English
Site Name is  DGB Studio.
Page Name is Fret Calculate.
Music Scale English
Site Name is  Athanassios Economou.
Page Name is Sound Structures.