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Kidon's HomePage is a site of KIDON as Sound creator. This site introduces KIDON's works,KIDON's good friends,and KIDON's performance.
Please, download ShockWave and YAMAHA MidPlug before you go to this site.
 TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments.
 The Space for Sundry Matters provides MIDI Archives (based on GM or XG format) and Web Seminars (How to create Web site with sound).
 MUSICBOX for Your Web Site provdes variety of original MIDIs. Some information is in Japanese, but midi files can be found easily.
 Campbell Family at Cultus Lake provides some midi files of pop music(Beatles, Eagles, ELO, and more).
There are some information about Cultus Lake, BC, Canada also.
 The site is colsed now.
Laura's MIDI Heaven! contains a lot of MIDI files.
 Enchante's Wav Carousel & Midi-Go-Round has a collection of carousel music as well as other MIDI files.
 Norton Music is a producer of Band-in-a-Box aftermarket products. There are some free midi files in the site.
 Celestial Castle has MIDI files of pop music in Midi Galaxy page. The Celestial Lady will guide you.
 EMUSIC-L is an Internet electronic mailing list based out of the American University in Washington, DC. It discusses performance, music theory,composition, and synthesis.
 Gecadero's Midi Page has midi files of Beach Boys, Beatles, CCR, Eagles, Stones & Oldies.
 Glenn's 70's & 80's Rokin' MIDI Site has a lot of MIDI files of 70's and 80's Pop songs. If your age is more than 30 (like me), you may find your favorite songs here.
 There are some experimental music. Many of them includes vocal and are provided by real audio.
 The page is specifically "midi drum tracks." 
Music Midi Web
 There are midi files that were made by using algorithmic composition tools.
Bert Hilby's Music Page
 The page includes many original MIDI files.
Orquesta Amarilla 
 Orquesta Amarilla is a Percussion Ensemble Group. The group includes congas and deep bongos. There are some MP3 files and nice photos.