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Academic Site

 Dr. Bruce Jacob's Home Page
Dr. Bruce Jacob's research interests include Algorithmic Composition and he shows some of his work on his home-page.
 Professor David Cope's Home Page
SARA (Simple Analytic Recombinant Algorithm) is an Automated Composing System that composes Classical Music.
 Computer Music Journal
Computer Music Journal is published quarterly by the MIT press.  It may include articles about algorithmic composition.

Maker Site

SSEYO is a commercial site. The SSEYO Koan Pro is their product.
SoundTrek is a commercial site. The JAMMER is their product.
 Cycling '74
Cycling '74 is a commercial site. M and Max are their product.
Orchaos is the product.
CAMPS is their product.
Microsoft Corporation
Music Producer is their product. This product is included in "Visual InterDev."

Personal Site

It is hard to describe in short words. But the idea is that ever day of person's life is "marked" with one note. You can listen to some music from this idea here.
Scores in gif format are at , and there are also some other text in English about them.
 Strange Music Archives
There is a freeware program that composes Mandelbrot Music. There is some information about Renaissance Music and other music also. They are a little strange but wonderful.
 Barbara Glebska & Petras Saduikis'�@Home Page
The Generative Gallery includes information about Generative Music and Art.
 The pages of John Chuang
The pages of John Chuang has "Mozart's Musical Dice Game." During his life, Mozart wrote the measures and instructions for a musical composition dice
game. This game can be thought as the oldest automated composing system. You can play "Mozart's Musical Dice Game" in John Chuang site.
 Compose with Musical Dice Game
An implementation of "Mozart's Musical Dice Game."
Algorithmic composition in the style of Mozart. An implementation of "Mozart's Musical Dice Game." The program runs on Mac.
 The Sound of Mathematics
The site has GM MIDI files of algorithmic music determined by mathematics and the musical preferences of a human.
 Laurie Spiegel's Retiary * Ramblings 
There is a software called Music Mouse that enables algorithmic composition.
You can compose your own midi song - online at the site.
Oblivion generates random music and saves as a midi file.
There is an algorithmic composition software which runs on Windows 95.
 Random Phase Music Generator
There is a software called The Random Phase Music Generator. It runs on Linux.
There is a software called FractMus 2000.
 Quasi Fractal Music 
There is a software called QuasiFractal Composer.
 Pirkle's   Music Composition Studio
There is an algorithmic composition software.
This site is one of Fractal and Generative Music web-ring sites.