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On top of the disk, a sheet that shows the playing order of the notes is placed.
Player rotates instruments instead of moving his hand to the target string.


This is the exhibition at hostel. Even though the first girl played haphazardly,  the next girl was able to play the "The Other Day, I Met a Bear" without explanation.


The instrument disposed radially strings on the disc.
Position of the finger playing the string is not moved as much as possible, instead, disc is rotated.
On top of the disk, a sheet that shows the playing order of the notes is placed like Hermann harp, so that people who are not able to read musical score can play music.

The strings are arranged so as to semitone increments with a clockwise direction.
Constellation score


Since drawn shapes in circles and lines looks like a constellation, it is named the constellation score. By following constellation score, you flick the strings, then you are able to play a tune.
While turning the disk in accordance with guide of the arrow, play the specified note with black circle or open circle.
Large black circles represent quarter notes. Small black circles represent eighth notes. Large white circles represent whole notes. Small white circles represent half notes. Double circle shows a dotted note.
Video projection


A sensor that takes a rotation is attached so that to move the image that matches to the rotation of the instrument.
Winning at the 9th Japanese nationwide handmade instrument Idea Contest


Since the two winners were chosen, prize ¥500,000 was divided into two.
It has been registered as Patent Office Utility model 3188244.
Exhibition and demonstration records
Prototype Model
2012/12/02 Kyoto city ZEST Oike Demonstration performance
2013/01/13 Ohsaka〔FINNEGANS WAKE〕video Demonstration performance
2013/01/19 Ohsaka〔FINNEGANS WAKE video  Demonstration performance
2013/08/10 YCAM Maker Fare Demonstration performance
2013/08/11 YCAM Maker Fare Demonstration performance  video
2013/08/15 Nara Ohuda summer festival Music performance
2013/08/24 Kyoto summer festa at Nishi-Honganjivideo  Demonstration performance video video
The First Model
2013/10/05 Kyoto Utano Youth Hostel Exhibition and Demonstration with video projection video video video
2013/11/03 Kyoto Great Luck Festival Demonstration performance video
2013/11/24 Kyoto Nishikyogoku Stadium Soccer Sanga day l Demonstration performance video video
2014/01/18 the 9th Japanese nationwide handmade instrument Idea Contest Chairman's Award (Top prize)

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2014/3/2 Kyoto Sakyo Expo Exhibition and Demonstration video
2014/3/8 Kyoto Umekouji park opening ceremony Exhibition and Demonstration video video
2014/6/12 Kyoto Orange Cafe Kamigyo Demonstration performance
2014/6/19 Kyoto Nishijin central elementary school Demonstration performance video
2014/8/24 Yomiuri TV "Ohsaka honwaka TV" Demonstration performance