Ueda over 860 points.


severance pay, feasibility study, tax return, installment plan, board meeting
job opening, foreign affiliate, the Chamber of Commerce, sales quota, annual turnover
order backlog, mortgage payment, retail outlet, product liability, tax deduction
inheritance waiver, grace period, high yield, tax accountant, the night shift

seniority allowance, overtime allowance, unemployment allowance, on a 20-year mortgage
tax deduction for spouse, dividend, CPU)certified public accountant)


down payment, hands-on training, net income, fiscal year, state-of-the-art technology
leveraged buyout, blue chips, around-the-clock operation, checking account, lumpsum payment
thrift shop, interim report, exclusive contract, textile industry, classified ad
bearish market, per capita income, mandatory retirement, dishonored bills, wholesale price

proceeds, leading-edge technology, listed stock, time deposit, thrift institution
bullish market, volunteer retirement, invoice, warehouse, markdown, markup
warranty, term insurance, underwriter, insurance premium, progressive tax
deficit-ridden company, corporate takeover, acting chairperson, word-of-mouth, economic fluctuation
expense account spending, subsidiary, industrial complex, CEO, subcontract of factory
office supplies, walkout, funeral director, undertaker, break-even point
bar's proprietor, file for bankruptcy, cattle rancher, labor union, corner the market
futures market, Stock Exchange, margin trading, Dow Jones average, commision
securities, contract terms, utility charges, renewal charge, royalty
daylight-saving time, fringe benefit, perquisite, reimburse, annuity
foreclose, reminder, IOU, assets and liabilities, belt tightening
collateral, quorum, turnout, COD, have a stake in


table of contents, forwarding address, surface mail, data processing, satellite dish
registered mail, information retrieval, magazine circulation, correspondence course, extension number
obituary notice, anonymous letter, forthcoming letter, commemorative stamp, on-the-spot coverage
revised edition, posthumous work, remote hookup, money order, directory assistance

change-of-address card, by special delivery, express mail, mail-order business, editorial page
special edition, pirated edition, yellow page, unlisted phone number, c/o
restricted delivery, by parcel post, return address, P.O.Box, letter pad
letter paper, self-addressed envelope, get-well card, zip code, postmark
prank call, long distance number, area code, local call, telephone booth
forward one's call, person-to-person call, touch-tone telephone, toll-free number, high-definition television
sign language interpreter, leaflet, flier, news recap, subheadings
certified mail, metered mail only

Japanese English

convertible, cuff links, call-waiting, first-class car, sociable
plastic wrap, cream puff, mug, license plate, anchorperson
rearview mirror, panty hose, caramel custard, ticket agency, windshield
pliers, pager, thermos, bubble sheet, a studio apartment

camper, seats for elderly people, hot chocolate, hood, aluminum window frame
intercom, gas stove, packaging tape, coin-operated locker, laundromat
bullhorn, wall socket, instant photograph, corrugated paper, desk lamp
clippers, name-brand items, baby carriage, stroller, stapler
fanny bag, dance, front desk, mailbox, speed boat
concert hall, suspension cable car, exhibition game, grounder, shortstop
night game, base on balls, right fielder, scalpel, masseur, sweat suits

spare key, household appliance, ceremonial functions, fluorescent light, synthetic detergent
sundry goods, white-out, fire extinguisher, styrofoam, faucet
alterations, bureau, cold beverage, adhesive tape, bow tie
bunk bed, drainpipe, wardrobe, polka dots, crate

blotting paper, tap water, a chest of drawers, dresser, instant glue
double-sided tape, rain shutter, gutter, dressing table, dresser
vertical-striped, horizontal-striped, shoe cupboard, shoe cabinet, indigo
maroon, amber, ventilation, blackout, handrail
bifocals, synthetic fabric, thumbtack, pumice, valuables
highlight pen, tweezers, manuscript paper, ersatz leather, bookmark
sandglass, binoculars, cane, walking stick, disposable camera
protractor, trash can, waste basket, sink, burglar alarm
rocking chair, crew cut, close crop, braided hair, plaits
pigtails, glossy finish, relocation expenses


marinated food, Italian cuisine, poached eggs, seasonal delicacies, full-bodied wine
expiration date, distilled liquor, food processing, edible oil, perishable food
draft beer, seasonings, pottery, smorgasbord dinner, tid bit
food preservative, complimentary beverage, doggy bag, broiled meat, cooking utensils

over easy, beat eggs, sunny-side up, take a sip of wine, cooking oil
frozen food, staple, condiment, tableware, buffet
food additive, artificial sweetener, alcoholic beverages, pork cutlet, cooking outfit
ingredient, knead the dough, get moldy, simmer stew, peel potatoes
mash potatoes, strain soup, grate carrots, cut the carrot lengthwise
casserole, gold-plated spoon, tableware, ladle, carving knife
dishcloth, spatula, rolling pin, cuttlefish, squid
quail, persimmon, leftovers, crispy, crisp
elastic, seasoned


venue for the expo, banquet hall, play a gig, extra innings, retrospective
outfield bleachers, Ferris wheel, caterer, jazz improvisation, judo bout
cloak-and-dagger story, blockbuster hit, TV personality, slapstick comedy, cottage
regatta, soap opera, potluck party, ballpark, celebrity lookalike

the top of in the ninth inning, cliffhanger, box-office hit, sitcom, BYOF
a roll of 35mm color print film, 24 exposures, make two more copies of this picture, enlarge a picture, blow-up
load the camera, photogenic, bases loaded, fielder, martia arts
breast stroke, swim meet, steeplechase, shot put, campsite
capacity crowd, bleachers, preview, advance tickets, acoustics
animated cartoon, sought-after singer, costume pageant, get-together, emcee
toastmaster, fare, ventriloquism, consolation prize, xylophone
curtain time, box office, matinee, sweepstake


land reclamation, ozone depletion, scientific breakthrough, landmark events, sewage treatment
incumbent mayor, census bureau, child custody, eligible voters, land subsidence
inaugural ceremony, castle renovation, press censorship, infringement of copyright, ballot box
chronological order, emission standard, evacuation drill, radioactive contamination, drug smuggling

landfill, watershed event, milestone, outgoing, cast a ballot, vote
car exhaust, suffrage, caucus, absentee ballot, primary
Alien Registration Law, poll, balloon test, homicide, manslaughter
lethal weapon, capital punishment, juvenile delinquency, suspended sentence, photochemical smog
desertification, industrial waste, garbage dump, nonrenewable energy, Christianity
Confucianism, Judaism, minister, the age of discretion, intangible cultural asset
rubberneck, birth certificate, expulsion, lineage, sibling
rite of passage, spouse, pro-choice, pro-life, seniors, senior citizens

raft, towing charge, wicket, chartered bus, compartment
quarantine officers, luxury line, jet lag, fenderbender, courtesy car
embassy, public liability insurance, local specialty, aisle seat, carousel
hotel annex, air turvulence, consulate, itinerary, summer retreat

turnstile, head-on collision, hit-and-run accident, property damage insurance, flat tire
toll road, detour, traffic congestion, carry-on baggage, stand-by fare
embarkation, disembarkation card, personal belongings, excess baggage, pass permit
name tag, baggage claim tags, check one's baggage, lost and found, fare adjustment office
round-trip ticket, reserved seat, unreserved seat, derailment, local train
home delivery, paging, pedestrian overpass, voltage converter, go into a skid
pileup, overhead compartment, baggage claim carousel, bus depot, coach class, no-show


stomach ulcer, hangover, malignant tumor, vomiting, hay fever
hepatitis, tuberculosis, diarrhea, hallucination, hemorrhoids
gum disease, venereal disease, asthma, diabetes, leukemia
obesity, anemia, insomnia, cavity, whiplash

gastrointestinal disease, piles, respiaratory disease, stanch


medical diagnosis, denture, compress, veterinarian, disinfectant
pediatrician, generic drug, metabolic rate, pancreas, orthopedist
psychiatrist, pharmaceutical industry, macrobiotic food, stethoscope, sedative
intravenous drip, contraception, dandruff, gynecologist, calisthenics

atopic dermatitis, mumps, arthritis, metastasis of cancer, spasm
measles, rubella, hives, tonsillitis, arteriosclerosis
brain concussion, senile dementia, geriatric disease, menopausal discomfort, food poisoning
autonomic imbalance, neuralgia, bruise, motion sickness, nausea
heartburn, cystitis, athlete's foot, sty, dizziness
lumbago, astigmatism, kink in one's neck, radiologist, ophthalmology
obstetrician, acupuncturist, urology, cosmetic surgery, Achilles' tendon
diaphragm, lymph gland, bump, rib, brunette hair
urine, piss, spit, saliva, goose pimples
euthanasia, gene manipulation, a high incidence of AIDS, AIDS epidemic, incubation period
fatality rate, prescription, gargle, suppository, dosage
health hazard, first aid, local anesthesia, vaccination
blood donation, hypnotic therapy, artificial insemination, blood transfusion, intensive care unit
electrocardiogram, disabled people, surrogate mother, terminal patient
premature baby, seeing eye dog, sunstroke, twenty-twenty vision


staircase, locker room, alley, avenue, landing
lamppost, sewer, hallway, high-tension wire, high-rise apartment
fitting room, driveway, fire hydrant, housing complex, bargain basement
attic, courtyard, sidewalk, curb, condominium

one-bedroom, makeshift building, furnished, intersection, three-forked road
peripheral equipment, underpass, two-story house, give-away prices, celearance sale
liquidation sale, bargain-basement price, budget hotel, big ticket items, comfort station
mezzanine, mezz


compulsory education, open-book examination, calligraphy, elective classes, aptitude test
crash course, accredited school, deviation value, remidial education, emeritus professor
vocational school, registrar, alumni, bachelor's degree, credit
dean, graduate student, honor student, transcript, tuition

master's degree, ph.D, undergraduate student, grade point average
secondary school, nursery school, dormitory, residential hall, applicant
acceptance letter, admission, scholarship, semester, term
certificate, board, shelving capacity, subscription, diameter
radius, dotted line, centrifugal force, communicative competence, auditorium
life-size statue, cookery school

blizzard, pressure trough, meteorological observatory, drizzle, sand dune
mountain range, botanical garden, habitat, endangered species, bamboo thicket
topographical features, mountain pass, bird sanctuary, avalanche, swamp
cape, ditch, ravine, Fahrenheit, thermometer, puddle

seal, pedigree dog, myna, reptile, nocturnal animal
amphibian, beak, chrysanthemum, dandelion, orchid
inlet, stream, creek, upper reaches, rice paddy
paddy field, reservoir, meadow, pasture, quasi-national park
cold air mass, drought, precipitation, tornado, twister
storm surge, torrential rain, hail, sleet, humidity
discomfort index, fossil fuels, hydroelectric power generation, geothermal power generation
garbage disposal, inflammable materials, zinc, infrared rays, agricultural produce
pesticides, bumper crop, marine culture, lightning rod, potted plants
termite, country


curb, dummy, stuffed animals, grove of trees, rail
tree stump, produce, pick-up, graffiti, tripod
shed[storeroom], cupboard, cardboard box, bay window, window pane
podium, landing, vendor, camcorder, newspaper dispenser

faucet, jack-in-the-box, sundial, folding chair, window screen
fire hydrant, court yard, hallway, driveway, sidewalk
crosswalk, grandfather clock, vent in the ceiling, ventilator, the office (in the foreground)
assembly line, car in the opposite lane, vaulted ceiling, embroidery, overpass
athletic meet, flea market, aisle