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他動詞のみ:discuss, mention, contact, resemble, enjoy
自動詞のみ:experiment with[on], trespass on
自/他で意味変化:escape/escape from, enter/enter into, attend/attend on/attend to

lie-lay-lain, lay-laid-laid, lie-lied-lied
rise-rose-risen, raise-raised-raised
find-found-found, found-founded-founded
wind-wound-wound, wound-wounded-wounded
arise-arose-arisen, arouse-aroused-aroused
hang-hung-hung, hang-hanged-hanged
wake-woke-waken, awaken-awakened-awakened


clear A of B, relieve A of B, cure A of B, deprive A of B
suspect A of B, assure A of B

explain to, suggest to, announce to, propose to

praise A for B, scold A for B, criticize A for B, blame A for B, punish A for B
excuse A for B, take A for B, substitude A for B

charge A with B, furnish A with B, supply A with B, equip A with B, load A with B
mix A with B, combine A with B, confuse A with B, identify A with B

prohibit A from B, ban A from B, prevent A from B, hinder A from B
distinguish A from B, discern A from B, discriminate A from B
free A from B, release A from B, exempt A from B, emancipate A from B
order A from B

think of A as B, describe A as B, dismiss A as B, view A as B, treat A as B, accept A as B, recognize A as B

force A into B, threaten A into B, coerce A into B, flatter A into B, tempt A into B, lure A into B, bribe A into B

impose A on B, inflict A on B, confer A on B, bestow A on B
congratulate A on B, compliment A on B


mail, news, baggage, luggage, garbage, trash, fun, furniture, progress
weather, behavior, traffic, economics, politics


species, savings, means, remains, proceeds, belongings, valuables, binoculars, corps, series


work/works, instruction/instructions, duty/duties, paper/papers
quarter/quarters, sale/sales, talk/talks, look/looks, supply/supplies, interest/interests


police, cattle, clergy
a group of N
the number of 単数, a large number of 複数


叙述:content, worth, bound
限定:exact, main, wooden, medical
叙述と限定での意味変化:present, ready, responsible


economic/economical, credible/credulous/creditable, respectable/respective/respectful
imaginable/imaginative/imaginary, literate/literal/literary, negligible/neglectful/negligent
regrettable/regretful, sensitive/sensible/sensory, satisfied/satisfactory/satisfying
excited/exciting, disappointed/disappointing, amazed/amazing, discouraged/discouraging
hundreds of/thousands of/millions of
what few books, what little money


avoid, deny, resist, postpone, object to, be opposed to
admit, allow, imagine, consider
consent, deserve, offer, threaten, promise, mean, manage, choose


remember -ing, recall -ing, recollect -ing/remember to V
forget -ing/forget to V, regret -ing/regret to V


excuse me for -ing, when it comes to -ing, There is no use[good,point] (in) -ing
be busy -ing, be capable of -ing, be able to V, do nothing but V
There is no choice[alternative] but to V, be to blame for, to say nothing of, not to mention-
be keen[bent, intent] on -ing


Each of the 名詞, all of the 名詞, many of the 名詞, some of the 名詞, most of the 名詞
None of 可算, None of 不可算
a great many +名詞, a great deal of 名詞
Both A and B, neither A nor B, either A or B, not only A but also B


the (数量単位の名詞) by the pound, in the 1990's
the brain, hit him on the head


We elected him chairperson of the committee
by train, by car, by bus, by air
enter college, leave hospital


enjoy oneself, amuse onself, excuse oneself, hurt oneself


in spite of oneself, behave oneself, support oneself, feed oneself

All family, All of the family, All the family


one way or another, every other day, other than work
among others, one after the other, one after another


hard/hardly, high/highly, full/fully, most/mostly, rough/roughly, just/justly
free/freely, short/shortly, fair/fairly, flat/flatly


only 副詞句, only later did he find, 〜 not only did they realize, but also S+V
Never did I dream, Seldom did I dream, Hardly did I dream, Little did I dream
Should I fail, Had I known about it
Than, as 倒置形, He can run faster thatn can all his classmates
He ran as fast as did most of his friends


He is good-looking, intellight, and hard-working. (and works hard とはしない)
Enough sleep, relaxation, moderate exercise are good for your health.(and doing moderate exerciseとはしない)
I like studying English, playing tennis and listening to music.( and to listen to music とはしない)


repeat again(X)->repeat, compete [cooperate] togather (X)->compete
new innovations(x)->innovations, a true fact (X)->a fact, a final outcome(X)->an outcome


文頭の while = although, 文中のwhileは,furthermore
When S + Vの When は,although, after の意
That he is honest,や in that S+V
As long as I live(while), as far as I know とを使い分ける
Now that S + V, S +V の構文では主節と従節の自制が同じ


ask, request, demand, order, suggest, urge, propose, recommend, insist, requre


I insured my house against fire
weigh the advantage of A against B, lean[put up] a ladder against the wall
The odds are against you

I made an appointment for seven o'clock
choose her for his wife, good for the price, do for a desk, a dress for the occasion
a ticket for the concert, for the life of me, for sure, for certain, count for much[little]
for all I know, for good of evil, for (this) once, for one's part, I sold my car for $3000

I'll put my car at your disposal.
keep 〜 at a distance, at will, at regular intervals, at the table
at one's wits'end, at full length, at large

I'm on the committee.
act on his advice, run on batteries, on the air, live on a pension
on a small budget, on drugs
It's on me
on second thought, on end, on condition that, on the gounds that
on the contrary, on good terms with, on average

She is a secretary to the president
to the north of Tokyo, drink to our success, the US ambassador to Japan
\120 to the dollar, use 〜 to one's advantage, exceptions to the rule
to the minute, the monument to〜, to all appearances, the the effect that
to the point, to the purpose, to the contrary

The product is under development.
under cover of darkness, under their control, under the law, study under Mr.Yoshida

This is my description of the incident
of one's own will, taste of garlic, smell of garlic
wide of the mark, of one's own accord, be hard of hearing

He is getting around the law.
build a story around a new plot, the other way around
the house around the corner

I borrowed money on my house.
I made a reservation under a false name

I read the book the whole night through.
travel through Turkey
This train goes through to London.

I fell asleep over a book.
resign over the scandal, choose A over B, over the weekend
make a fuss over him, control over her husband, won her over to our side

I'll take 10% off the usual price.
off the coast of the Japan Sea, live off one's parents
The deal is off.
The deadline is one week off[away].
pay off the debts, off guard, off the point, go off the air

I'm two months behind in my rent payment.
behind schedule, behind the project

I'm working by the rule.
by mistake, know man by name, a woman by the name of Brown, increase by 10%
20 feet by 30 feet, sell - by the dozen

Leave[trust] him with the key.
The responsibility rests with us.
shiver with cold, with a view to -ing, be charged with -, to begin with

Let's dance to the music.

This box is ten feet across.

This ond is ten feet in depth.
fight in self-defense, One in ten, in a circle, in cash, in that direction
similar in character, in due course, in effect, in person, in succession
in the air, in the interest of


short supply, weigh a hefty 200 pound, reach for, deny A to B, a herd of N
pass time, kill time, know better than to V, declare

in front of you, promise 人 to V, if anything, capable of, suitable
so beautiful a day, object to, can't have + P.P, certain customs
to my surprize, to O present at, at a worse time, stand at
be used to 動詞, be used to 動名詞, consist of = comprise = be comprised of

by far, a series of Ns(単数扱い), % of 加算名詞=複数扱い, % of 不可算名詞=単数扱い
lie to = be located in, by definition, respective, arrange for 人 to B
Birds of a feather flock together, agree on = agree upon

be scared of, neither A nor B, compared with it, in economics
a great interest in, a union, think of A as B, a sharp frop in sales of
is due at the end of the month

Besids - = in addition to -, beside - の側に, hundreds of thousands of -
whether, danger of, a kind of fruit, be preferable to = be better than
report to police, The total amount of