Examples of short sentenses from TOIEC score to get over 860 points.

Tango Rank-C

The jury acquitted the man of the murder charge.
This country is underdeveloped due to a paucity of resources.
The rock singer enjoyed the adulation of his fans.
I was mesmerized by the way he spoke to me.
Mariah is a musical prodigy.
He has grown up in a well-heeled home.
The sound of an owl is eerie at night.
He showed us his biceps proudly.
She pared an apple and cut it in half.
He said categorically that he was going to win.
This idea was propounded by the prominent scientist.
The price was settled after a lot of haggling with the shopkeeper.
He has been assiduous in his study.
He seemed to be in a convivial mood last night.

The hapless victim of the accident was dead-on-arrival.
Many people were forced to recant their belief in Christianity.
Old footage featuring a famous actress was on the screen.
He found an old letter dating from circa 1600.
I'm fed up with the innuendoes he makes.
My boss castigated me for my typing mistakes.
The reason she gave for the delay was nebulous.
This is a highbrow book, not for me.
The linguist expounded his hypotheses to the audience.
Syllogism is one way of deductive reasoning.
John balked at jumping into the swimming pool.
After dithering about for a while, Anita opened the door.
He told me a farcical episode about Mr.Brown.
I was dumbfounded at the awful sight.

I don't like to drink with Tom, because he always becomes maudlin.
The hull of this ship is made of steel.
Sam is smart-alecky so he is not favored by his friends.
His idea was fully vindicated.
The silver frame of the picture has been tarnished.
This regulation should be rescinded.
They always decry our government's policy.
My parents are devout Christians.
The meeting was adjourned until the following Monday.
Bob has a penchant for outdoor activities.
She accepted the job offer with alacrity.
The local police and militia guarded the building.
The tornado has pulverized many houses.
The toy plane whizzed through the air.

Dorothy has an effervescent personality.
He told me a blatant lie.
We crossed a small bridge which was made of planks.
Use this powder to prevent your skin from chafing.
He claims that his activities are hamstrung by all sorts of regulations.
His muscles have atrophied since he has been bedridden.
He is one of the members of the diplomatic corps.
Mr.Johnson incurred debts of over 10 million yen.
The Japanese government is trying hard to redress the trade imbalance.
Her jacket was frayed beyond recovery.
He fought in the face of adversity.
The writing of an autobiography can be an act of catharsis.
japanese schools tend to place much emphasis on conformity.
We used to huddle around the fire in winter.

Employees were flabbergasted at the bankruptcy of the company.
Your words are tantamount to a refusal.
My boss bawled me out for the mistake I made.
Their project ended in a fiasco.
The country was under the duress of a dictatorship.
At last he got a chance to show his mettle.
Many people were immolated as witches in Europe.
He is politician with sordid motives.
I was sent, willy-nilly, to a private boarding school.
I believe Celine is a top-notch singer.
"He's finally left and good riddance!"
Wherever she went, she was treated with deference.
He was disgruntled for some reason today.
This novel presents us with the perennial theme of love and friendship.

This area becomes a quagmire when it rains heavily.
He caught three whopping carps in the lake.
It was a most egregious error of judgement.
He made only a blithe comment about her new dress.
The clatter of my roommate's typewriter kept me awake last night.
Tom and Gina a rushed headlong into marriage.
It was a war of attrition.
At last, he won the coveted prize for his research.
I was happy to have a chance to rekindle an old friendship.
Are these plans technically feasible?
I was chagrined to hear of his failure.
Her explanation often obfuscates the important points.
The manager ignored the law with impunity.
The first project flopped last year.

Historically, some scientific theories have not been tenable.
The mechanic fine-tuned the machine, so it works well now.
The man raised an ax and brought it down edgewise.
He was born in a milieu where higher education was a luxury.
She had a speech impediment.
The candidate was wooing the working class voters.
Violent crimes are rife the slum areas of cities.
It is not true that this practice is defunct.
We downed all the beer we had stashed away.
He gave his girlfriend a perfunctory kiss.
People should be careful of wily politicians.
Lucy embezzled $100,000 by falsifying the accounts.
He might have made a bogus insurance claim.
He was well known as an audacious pilot.

The waitress replenished his cup with coffee.
She cast a furtive glance at her husband.
My mother used to chastise me by spanking.
I think she is obtuse to the feelings of others.
The victim of the accident received indemnity.
Our conversation was ended with his terse reply.
She was wearing a flamboyant bathrobe.
Do you know why David seems morose today?
His weakness is that he is impervious to other's suffering.
The climbers waited for the snowstorm to abate.
His riposte entailed the laugher of his friends.
Young people should realize the deleterious effects of smoking.
Contaminated water permeated the soil.
I couldn't lift the hefty book.

The teacher has never yet managed to broach the subject of sex education.
I worked as an au pair near Chicago last summer.
The fuselage of the plane was huge enough to carry a car.
My father lived a slightly offbeat life.
He made a testy comment about the problem.
Those who flip-flop so often cannot be trusted.
They remained implacable to their theory.
My grandpa is 90 years old but still robust.
My son was delirious with fever.
The rock climber was challenged by the perpendicular wall of rock.
The movie "Mononoke-hime" was a box office bonanza.
The interior of the hotel was austere.
I found a clever gadget for calculation at the shop.
The duty of giving lectures is onerous to the professors.

The couple enjoyed a tete-a-tete dinner on that evening.
Sam flubbed the first service and lost the tennis match.
This fortress was thought to be impregnable.
You only have rudimentary information about Islam.
Peruse these essays before writing your own.
The telephone calls ran the gamut from praise to complaint.
Ben was the runner-up in the golf competition.
Our teacher gave us a plethora of homework.
Driven by avarice, he committed the crime.
Ken sagaciously solved a difficult math problem.
Mike's wife is fat and garrulous.
The governor's speech was full of platitudes.
A Japanese proverb says salutary medicine is not tasty.
He is always fascinated by the arcane.

His idea is not germane to the main argument.
He repeated the sentences verbatim.
Jim was utterly enervated by the heat.
You shouldn't deride her opinions.
We will soon see a backlash against the new government.
Ted was ostracized by his friends at school.
To go abroad for the first time entails some trepidation.
He tried to exonerate himself from the murder charge.
The peace talk between the two countries resumed after a year hiatus.
The girl responded to me with an endearing smile.
Natalie is a suave and sophisticated lady.
Reticent and absentminded students are often the victims of bullying.
This is a good university but without the cachet of Oxford.
The travel agency was inundated with complainits.

The man was living in the dilapidated cabin in the forest.
We made a last-ditch attempt to prevent the battle.
She abominates any form of cruelty.
The mistake was inadvertent.
The elderly couple has squirreled away 25 million yen.
He often quibbles about the spelling mistakes.
The prime minister was rapped for his biased remarks.
He continued to work, albeit irregularly, for the next two year.
I can't leave the job to a greenhorn like him.
People in this area are inured to the heat in the summer.
His father bequeathed a million dollars to him.
Do you understand what is the crux of the problem?
We need your help to unravel the mystery.
Are you expecting a lot from your annuity in the future?

Robert made a mind-boggling profit through the real estate investment.
The new road proved to have many unforeseen ramifications.
The odds are against his attending the meeting.
He raised his brow at her unexpected response.
Do you know why their marriage has foundered?
My grandmother's back is so crooked that she can't stand upright.
The picture of the crying mother was poignant.
Self-effacing modesty is one of the important virtues.
I'm suffering from arthritis.
I didn't get the gist of his speech.
This report is too verbose and I can't see the point.
His success as a musician was ephemeral.
She is too honest to tell such a despicable lie.
The man bamboozled her into signing the contract.

Charlie's lies are always palpable.
Martin Luther metioned that Christ's body is ubiquitous.
The people of the town gave an exuberant welcome to the princess.
The mayor delivered a speech in a histrionic tone.
She started to enumerate the problems of her husband.
The president tried to find a subterfuge for the scandal.
Whatever he tried to do he felt stymied by his mother.
The man spoke with an unfamiliar cadence.
The lackluster performance of the pianist surprised us.
His cold stare disconcerted her.
The hot weather here makes me lethargic.
He spoke to his wife in an abrasive manner.
His inane questions were annoying.
She was Tim's confederate in the espionage activities.

Rovert Brown, alias James Kennedy was convicted of fraud.
We ate the dinner with relish and gusto.
I might have done an irreparable mistake.
Surprised by the noise, the horse bolted.
Is this money enough to defray the expense?
I was mortified at his cruel remarks.
The robbers ransacked the house during the burglary.
Their pay raise will be offset by high taxes.
He bucked a head wind and reached the destination.
It really galled Tom to have been blamed for their mistake.
She sent us a cryptic message.
The company's bankruptcy portended the financial crisis.
We can't trust the man who is so glib.
Viscount is a noble rank.

Dr.Johnson is an erudite scholar in physics.
He was despondent about his ill health.
I'm not interested in his banal report.
The boy had only a paltry sum of money with him.
Her resemblance to Queen Elizabeth is uncanny.
He made a facetious remark to hide his nervousness.
People in the building were annoyed by the bomb hoax.
The government enforced a 24-hour curfew.
Professor Yasuda added a succinct explanation on DNA.
We cajoled her into coming to our party.
The actress skillfully covered her lapse of memory.
His disheveled hair made us laugh.
It seemed ludicrous to invest energy in such an activity.
On the subway, I was accosted by a stranger asking for money.

I have established a good rapport with my mother-in-law.
He must pay alimony to his ex-wife.
He often makes hackneyed jokes.
Don't jeer at Linda unless you can do better than she.
Joseph Marphy delineated the power of subconsciousness in his books.
I've found my niche in college education.
The bank was robbed by a rapacious band of robbers.
I had my car overhauled recently.
Nancy buffed her nails before going out.
My father was asked to retire prematurely.
There was a dearth of experienced instructors.
Many soldiers received posthumous awards for their bravery.
Thomas often tells a grandiose plan to his friends.
One's life is always with various vicissitudes.

Our party espouses the principles of freedom of expression.
They had a desultory conversation for a few minutes.
Drugs are the bane of this ethnic community.
The government's welfare policy is not a panacea for the recession.
Unfettered trade is favorable internationally.
My fair-weather friends left me when I got in trouble.
I had a horrendous experience on my trip to Egypt.
We need some strategies to expedite the development of this country.
His supercilious way of speaking made me upset.
The candor of his speech impressed us.
Special medicines were prepared in the dispensary.
The city was razed to the ground in the war.
Altruism is the concern for the happiness of other people instead of your own.
She was haggard and looked older than her age.

He was trying to be jocular at the party.
Do you know when these territories were demarcated?
I think he received proper remuneration for his labor.
The boss overrode our decision.
The trees burgeon in this season here.
I was impressed by Cathy's culinary skills.
The peace between the two countries was precarious.
His speech was full of virulent emotions against the government.
Bill's words exacerbated his wife's feelings.
"It's bedlam in this classroom," the teacher shouted.
Films which pander to vulgar tastes are popular.
William the Conqueror usurped the kingdom of England.
New York is a major trasportation hub.
There was a decorated canopy over the king's bed.

We made a decision to ameliorate our working environment.
The secretary had a rather lackadaisical approach to her work.
The manager often denigrates the effectiveness of the workers.
This is a recondite hypothesis on the future economy.
The hospital was padding the bills of some patients.
He nodded after only a cursory glance at the list.
Ken has a predilection for Baroque music.
You have a veritable passion for music.
I had an excruciating pain in my leg.
He tried to beguile people into buying false jewelry.
Pete made a pathetic attempt to marry Jenny.
You must not waste time with a vacuous way of life.
She makes it a rule to do calisthenics in the morning.
Whatever I asked, he gave me only laconic answers.

His music is redolent of the sixties.
The political situation here is volatile.
He has been beset with a sense of guilt.
The Minister of Finance was lampooned in the newspaper by a cartoonist.
The crowd in the street reiterated their protest.
The break-up of the Soviet Union had world-wide repercussions.
The position of chairman in the faculty is a sinecure.