Examples of short sentenses from TOIEC score to get over 860 points.

Tango Rank-B

Mariah Carey travelled incognito to Europe.
She weighed the alternative plan in her mind.
He hovered between two possible solutions.
He tried to explicate the mechanism of language development.
The new owner is going to give the hotel a face-lift.
Ichiro is docile at home but unruly at school.
My father always uses tantological expressions.
Sara plucked her eybrows to make them look nicer.
The children were playing pranks on their father.
He gave up after a series of demoralizing failures.
The octopus and the squid are examples of invertebrates.
Nepotism is common among corrupted politicians.
Demonstrations are banned on the pretext of public order.
The only surefire way to pass the test is to study hard.

The boy's face was glistening with sweat.
A Kansai-oriented slapstick is now televised nationwide.
James is adroit at flattering women.
The killer was a completely amoral person.
The residue of his estate went to charity.
This is a remedy of great efficacy for a cold.
Iraq invaded Kuwait with a wanton attack.
I slept in a makeshift bed of straws.
The success of our project is contingent on your cooperation.
Her attitude bespeaks her willingness to come with us.
This chronicle of the war was written in 200 AD.
I'll recap what's been said so far.
Catalysis is the process of making a chemical reaction quicker by adding a catalyst.
"Take my son, too," she added as an afterthought.

We all deplored the death of Professor Okamoto.
I don't know how to read the cardiogram.
She enjoyed the hustle-bustle of the city.
There was a nice bucolic painting on the wall.
I wonder how my behavior was construed by them.
When your child gets sick, go to the pediatrics floor of the hospital.
Water the plants or they will wither soon.
When were you matriculated at your college?
My teacher often uses aphorism in his speech.
The boys zipped through the crowds.
To say "I've told you a million times about it" is an example of hyperbole.
The new hotel building was an eyesore in the historic city.
The article in the newspaper fanned public fears of food poisoning.
That the famous writer had died turned out to be a downright lie.

The child had a tenacious character.
The price of gold plummeted.
He tried to probe the company's involvement in smuggling.
His irreverent reply made his father angry.
His claim was nullified by the court.
Nature in its pristine purity is beautiful.
She has got a hang-up about her bowleg.
What he said is just surmise.
One-star hotels are sleazy even in developed countries.
He is such an affected man.
There was only an amorphous cloud in the sky.
He asked for the respite for payment.
There is no elbowroom in the trains during rush hours.
The coming election will be a watershed national event.

Who masterminded this election campaign?
My parents often bicker over nothing.
Due to the heavy snow, we had to take a circuitous route.
Gina loved Tim so much, but her love was not reciprocated.
My father had a cataract operation last year.
Drinking too much is detrimental to your health.
We contrived to find the man.
He had given me a pep talk before I went on the stage.
My father had a yearly increment of $3,000 before the recession.
He handed in a mendacious report on the incident.
The principal abdicated his responsibility to the school.
The book has a ridiculously contrived story line.
Joseph implored forgiveness for what he had done.
There were some arguments behind the facade of calm.

Use this camera, it is foolproof.
Ken is a real dynamo, he never stops working.
I have only a tenuous relationship with her.
We often procrastinate about doing unpleasant things.
The dollar once dipped below the 100 yen level.
The detective juxtaposed two photographs of the victims.
He made oblique references to the problem.
The court gave the boy a two-year probation.
Reportes swarmed around the popular young singer at the airport.
He is a political has-been.
The model was wearing a smug smile.
Famine came as an aftermath to the earthquake.
It is said that people offered a sacrifice to appease the devil.
Villagers retailed upon their enemies by throwing stones.

The orbit of this planet is elliptical.
The prime minister made a weighty decision.
The secretary took copious notes at the meeting.
There were ink blots all over his homework.
I'd like him to be direct instead of using circumlocution.
I recouped the loss I made during the recession.
This machine utilizes centrifugal force to separate the cream.
Bob's parents were worried about his devil-may-care attitude to life.
I heared someone creeping up to my door at night.
The rich man was leading a luxurious and indolent life.
The journal was a mishmash of essays, poems and short stories.
He abhors slavery.
Laura fell in love with a fair-haired German guy.
My teacher gave me an earful about being late.

He pocured really old bottles of wine.
It is important to disseminate correct knowledge about AIDS.
We use kerosene as fuel for the heater.
I can't put up with that obnoxious man anymore.
Jiro Akagawa is a prolific writer.
I'm sure you'll like this book. It's a tearjerker.
That company squandered billions of yen on that film.
We trembled with apprehension about the prophesied disaster.
The teaching curriculum was revamped considerably.
This paper elucidates his theory.
Her whimsical behavior sometimes annoys me.
This change was the inevitable corollary of the Industrical Revolution.
This plan is the brainchild of Emily.
She gave us a circumspect answer.

The new doctors were sent to rectify the condition of the hospital.
The government is having a crackdown on the pro-democracy movement.
How should we deal with the inexorable decline of the Japanese economy?
The failure in the policy caused the breakdown of the monolithic organization.
People are afraid of fallout from an atomic bomb test.
My roommate is a bit eccentric.
He wrote a thesis about kinetic energy.
Christians believe in the ominipotent deity.
Most novelists use pseudonyms.
I think it is necessary to trim the defense budget.
I cannot be a doctor because I am too squeamish.
The stock price went rock-bottom in Japan.
The mother embraced her son tenderly.
She shed tears hearing the heartrending story.

We found counterfeit \10,000 bills in the bag.
Their clandestine meeting went undiscovered for 5 years.
You need some rest to recuperate from the stress.
She crouched down in the bush to hide herself.
Takuya became infatuated with the beautiful English teacher.
We saw a myriad of stars shining in the sky.
These novels edify the readers.
Karl Marx was one of the protagonists of communism.
The court trials are recorded by stenography.
Peter devoured the books during the summer vacation.
The local government is encroaching on the rights of individuals.
My father had an operation for hemorrhoids.
The criminal's lawyer appealed for clemency.
Infrared rays are often used to cure muscle pains.

The students made a small clique of right-wingers.
This is a picture of Audrey Hepburn in her heyday.
He cloistered himself in his room to study.
Malaria is endemic to the tropics.
His parents coaxed him into going to school.
Natsuko put a stethoscope on the patient's chest.
Giraffe is a herbivorous animal.
She looked at the array of necklaces and earrings in the cabinet.
I saw a hilarious movie on TV last night.
It was a balmy spring night when I met him.
The woman in the gaudy dress is his lover.
A glass of water quenched my thirst.
Contrary to expectations, it was an open-and-shut case.
The briefing session will be held in this room.

The conflict precipitated the international tension.
There was a pleasing ambience in the restaurant.
The teachers nixed the idea of abolishing some school regulations.
Kenichi loves his canine companion "Goro".
A cholera epidemic decimated the population.
She said, "Welcome to our new abode."
I can't deal with such an intractable woman.
I hope the board of directors will endorse my proposal.
His hair was unkempt and the clothes were worn out.
We used to use pulleys to lift heavy loads here.
Your salary should commensurate with your experience.
It is well known that Mrs.Thatcher was dubbed "The Iron Lady".
The signboard was blown down in the gale.
The skin cracks between my toes because of athlete's foot.

He used to have a great aversion to Japanese people.
Her inscrutable smile puzzled me.
Versailles Palace is full of opulent splendor.
The young politician trumpeted his ideology.
There is no cut-and-dried answer for this question.
My husband reproached me for my lack of knowledge.
The frightened woman was clutching her baby.
The flora and fauna of this island is quite unique.
She was a shy diminutive woman.
Tourism is the main raison d'etre of the town.
We are sanguine about international peace.
Is this pure guesswork or based on some information?
The Mona Lisa has an enigmatic smile.
The vernacular Latin spoken in France gradually developed into French.

Many corporations save money because of tax loopholes.
I was appointed as a stopgap when my boss got sick.
You should hoard food just in case of an emergency.
She doesn't like his belligerent attitude toward her.
The company needs a new sales promotion gimmick.
The cause of death was revealed after the autopsy.
Do you think they will orchestrate the coup?
I can't keep up with the recent buzzwords.
All the employees took an oath of loyalty to the company.
In spite of his threats, she never capitulated.
The gentleman gave the lady a decorous kiss.
This philosophical theory is too abstruse to understand.
Our students don't have much leeway in what they do.
Many people were killed by the earthquake and the ensuing famine.

The inflation at that time was unprecedented.
The old man's fingers were quivering uncontrollably.
He was tormented with the illness for a long time.
20% of the funds was earmarked for research.
The speech by the leader galvanized some members into action.
We were shocked at the atrocious housing conditions in the village.
The beautiful mountains form a backdrop to town.
I'm worried that his disease might be an insidious one.
One of the passengers fell overboard and is missing now.
This shop always undercuts the prices of the nearby supermarket.
Their new project ended in a debacle.
Mrs.Jones was subpoenaed as a witness.
We should never condone terrorism.
My father is very fastidous about his appearance.

My boss discounts any suggestion I make.
Her sickness regressed to a serious state.
My boss scoffed at my suggestion.
They made a gung ho effort to repair the damage.
Serious problems will ensure if some means are not taken.
There was a lopsided ratio of men to women after the war.
The landlord stipulated that the payment be in advance.
The road workers hoisted the stone with a rope.
He made a bequest of $100,000 to charity.
His dog started to gnaw the bone he had given it.
Economic disparity is one of the causes of conflicts.
Mothers often pamper their children.
Cardiovascular disease was found when he had a checkup.
The result was, de facto, a tax increase.

The singer deserves the accolade of "Grammy Award."
He has immense political leverage.
You chose the wrong person to entrust the money.
There is a man of unseemly aspect outside the house.
All the buildings were destroyed within a 500m radius of the explosion.
She spoke to her daughter in a conciliatory tone.
Someone must have been eavesdropping on our conversation.
Most of the information he garnered was of no use.
The mystery baffled the detective completely.
Are you insinuating that he is telling a lie?
The 1982 Bordeaux wines are really palatable.
The discovery underpinned his theory.
A siege of illness debilitated him completely.
It is difficult to substantiate his story.

I think the woman's shriek was just a figment of his imagination.
There are big discrepancies between what he says and what you say.
The manager is scrupulous in his dealings with the customers.
Is this diamond necklace hallmarked?
The landlady is a loquacious woman.
The former president made a stupendous achievement in social welfare.
I am pursuing a holistic approach to human languages.
His new wife turned out to be a grasping woman.
He managed to pay off his house mortgage before the age of 60.
She showed me a carved crasket of ivory full of jewelry.
The Japanese economy might degenerate into permanent recession.
The room was filled with an acrid smell.
The government is going to levy a new tax on alcohol.
Etiology is the study of causes of diseases.

She unwittingly trod on someone's foot in the train.
She felt offended by her aunt's condescending cordiality.
Several years had elapsed before the singer became popular.
"I made it", she said, beaming with satisfaction.
Mr.Ito was interred next to his wife.
The pre-war Japanese army had a parochial view.
All his anger was unleashed at us.
Don't flaunt your wealth even if you get really rich.
The school has discretionary power to grant scholarships.
Writing novels is a sedentary work.
The doctor was sued for malpractice.
His words were superfluous since she had already decided to go.
Jane is a hothead who often loses her temper.
The runner was suffering from dehydration after the race.

An acrimonious dispute broke out in the meeting.
I have to sell my house to liquidate the loan.
Good sleep is conducive to good health.
Mr.Oda elucidated the theory he had introduced in the last lecture.
It was an interim arrangement between the two countries.
They vehemently criticized the prime minister's budget proposals.
Three soldiers were arrested for fomenting rebellion.
The company's trade was disparaged by critics.
He experienced a major setback in his early life.
The side effect of the medicine was marginal.
Only a few people can surmount such a difficulty.
This essay pays homage to his father.
Nancy was adamant that she would not move out of the apartment.
My husband is a connoisseur of French cuisine.

The weather will be cloudy with intermittent rain.
Tomorrow's game will be a showdown of professional baseball.
His behavior was not consonant with his religious belief.
She was lying in the bed with an intravenous drip in her arm.
He woke up with a constriction in his throat.
Some operations are done without anesthesia.
I'm afraid she has a propensity for lying.