Examples of short sentenses from TOIEC score to get over 860 points.

Tango Rank-A

His impromptu performance on the piano is fantastic.
He worked so hard that he had a nervous breakdown.
Housewives gravitate toward cheaper goods.
He has deviated from his original plan.
"So, without ado, let me introduce today's guests."
The doctor gave a noncommittal answer to my question.
His influence on the management of the company began to wane.
You should not be egocentric.
We need to prevent deforestation in the Amazon Basin.
I got a run in my panty hose.
The results of a poll may be skewed.
London exemplifies the glory of the British Empire.
Some people believe Japan is a homogeneous nation.
When he came in she gave a coquettish smile to him.

A greenback means an American banknote.
I do my laundry in a laundromat once a week.
The leaves of this tree are not symmetrical.
The actress has been widely acclaimed for her performance.
This is the inference drawn from the data I've got.
The malevolent smile of the woman made me shiver.
They viewd the star cluster through the telescope.
Journalists must not distort the facts.
The doctor touched the patient's belly.
A reasonable knowledge is prerequisite for this class.
The sound was amplified by using electronic equipment.
This talented musician is dealing with many different genres of music.
What should be considered as benchmark for the success?
He majors in pathology in medical school.

What makes the tribe so predominant in this country?
George is the rebel in the school.
The lady was wearing a chic hat.
I'm sure he is going to be a henpecked husband.
His secretary was summoned to report on the accident.
I can't go along with his facile logic.
What you said is interesting but irrelevant to this matter.
Her second child was born by Caesarean section.
Incessant rains caused a flood.
The baggage was so bulky that I couldn't lift it by myself.
The cows were grazing peacefully in the pasture.
His children were all very affable.
I don't know how to normalize our marriage situation.
His son was abducted by a gang.

Empirical philosophy is based on falsifiability.
He felt a strong sense of deja vu when he saw the scenery.
The patient has made only a partial recovery so far.
A sperm and an egg produce a new life.
There was no explicit mention on that matter in his paper.
Nazis Germany was a hotbed of racism.
I'm researching on the correlation between obesity and intelligence.
Mrs.White is sociable and gregarious.
The improved health care resulted in increased longevity of the villagers.
Synthetic detergent is not good for the environment.
We are proposing an across-the-board reduction in price.
It took a long time to inflate the balloon.
A malignant tumor was found in his stomach.
What can provide cohension in these diverse groups of people?

Dogmatic bosses are not ideal for workers.
The blade of the knife was covered with blood.
The teacher told the class to discuss the proposition.
Professor Yamada teaches anatomy to the students.
Eliza tried to speak with a genteel accent.
Though the paintings per se were not good, the exhibition was successful.
John's mother wants him to get into a prestigious university.
Many kinds of chrysanthemums were grown in his garden.
There was tacit agreement between the two men about the plan.
These vegetables were produced without the use of fertilizers.
I learned calligraphy for six years.
I had a sense of impending disaster.
We can't rely on such a capricious man.
The members of the research team were all handpicked.

America aggravated the tension between the two countries.
The whole demeanor of Steve was similar to that of his father.
A small bird was perched on top of the tree.
The semiconductor industry adopts state-of-the-art technology.
This school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities.
The FBI is involved in many covert operations.
Many people were used as guinea pigs for their experiment.
My uncle is doing a lucrative trading business.
The audience was tantalized by the appearance of the singer.
Professor Yamamoto had an office adjoining mine.
He has been inflicted with backache for years.
Do you understand she is manipulating you?
You can count on Colonel Sanders.
The factory remained dormant during the recession.

A blanket ban on the use of insecticide will go into effect soon.
This is the prototype of the machine we are using now.
Some mothers feel antagonism toward their children.
Wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of germs.
This report pinpoints the failure in the monetary policy.
His pre-tax income is more than 10 million yen.
His body was placed in a coffin with a lot of flowers.
The stack of books suddenly toppled over.
Are you using the word in a figurative sense?
My mother was wearing an apron which has two capacious pockets.
Oil is an inflammable substance.
Three men were found dead in the capsized boat.
It seems he harbors suspicion against me.
The little boy was quick and agile.

His statement was denounced by all the colleagues.
She poured one pint of milk into the soup.
CEOs want to maintain the status quo when in good business.
I don't like her facititious laughter.
His voice reached a crescendo.
He spoke to the American girl in his halting English.
She is the one who is spreading the malicious gossip about me.
He majored in theology at college and became a priest.
Something is wrong with his aesthetic sense.
What she cooks is always mediocre.
He is being a little too complacent about the present situation.
Crops were damaged due to the drought.
I tried to bolster her confidence by telling her how beautiful she looks.
You should take the antibiotics for a while.

This seed will geminate in cool, moist weather.
The change of the administration was a pivotal event for this company.
What was the prevailing view like in those days?
This city has a larger floating population than the surrounding cities.
This magazine has caricatures of the royal family.
We need a system suitable for an agrarian society.
We called the plumber to have our bath repaired.
The man was caught using a fake passport.
The Hanshin expressway crisscrosses the city of Osaka.
Her long skirt hampered her movement.
The situation started to change after a series of political maneuvers.
Stop being a tomboy or you won't get a boyfriend.
Is your company affiliated with this organization?
We should cut out the middleman to get them at a cheaper price.

All through youth they were comrades.
He quit his job because of the drudgery.
We went to see an exhibition of ancient Greek artifacts.
A give-and-take relationship is important for a successful marriage.
You have to sort the truth from the propaganda.
He gave a lecture on the political posture of the country.
The criminal was caught and handcuffed by the policeman.
There were President Truman and his aides in the room.
We stopped our car midway between New York and Chicago.
This is the park where people congregate for the campaign.
There was an archaic heating system in the hotel.
Graffiti on the trains is illegal.
He appeared on TV to air his opinions.
We all like his down-to-earth attitude.

The salient features of the new policy are reported in the newspaper.
Nobody can understand his bizarre behavior.
Leonardo da Vinci was a versatile artist.
Mary soon became adept at typing formal letters.
Digestive enzymes are in your stomach.
I felt such humiliation when I was accused in public.
Our classes resumed after a week.
What this country needs is a reliable economic infrastructure.
I prefer opaque glass for my window to keep privacy.
The Minister admitted that he had received kickbacks from the company.
Please hand me that small rectangular box.
Maria and I are collaborating on a book.
Land prices tumbled after the burst of the economic bubble.
These books have not been censored yet.

The old lady was pushing a cart of vegetables.
The Ministry of Finance fueled reckless speculation in real estate.
I bought a book that depicts the life of ancient people.
The cat bared its teeth when he tried to pet it.
There used to be a strong stigma attached to Hansen's disease.
Leave the dough for a while to ferment.
The body was entangled in the seaweed and drowned.
Her usual ploy is to pretend to be sick.
The culprit was finally caught by the police.
There were fears of an all-out war at that time.
The centerpiece of his policy is the welfare system.
Mr.Yamada's speech is always didactic.
Tobacco smoke contains some toxic substance.
Her garden was filled with orchids.

In the last ten years, our company has almost quadrupled its profit.
He owns miscellaneous property.
She was not maternal enough to have child.
We are constantly harassed by a nasty neighbor.
Mrs.Smith was a forerunner of the current women's movement.
Injured people were airlifted to the hospitals in Seattle.
What do the asterisks on the map indicate?
The man was a convicted prisoner.
A piece of elastic is used in the pants to make it fit the waist.
He agreed in a very sarcastic tone.
This film is the latest blockbuster from Hollywood.
My dog was sick so I took him to a veterinarian.
Cancer may be eradicated from the world in the future.
English spelling is idiosyncratic.

He had no idea how to steer the helicopter.
The drugs he is taking inhibit the functions of his brain.
The ostensible reason for her absence was a sickness.
They used luminous paint on the walls.
He was filled with remorse for his wrongdoings.
Going abroad has now become commonplace.
The underlying meaning of this play is serious.
Will I be penalized if I mark more than one answer?
His parents ceased financial support to him.
After a few years of training, he is now a full-fledged lawyer.
This gold mine was completely depleted by 1960.
How many horses do you keep in your barn?
The social stratification in this country dies hard.
I caught a fleeting glimpse of Nancy when she drove past.

A sense of anger was evoked by the sight of the man.
The school principal delivered a pompous speech on the matter.
Lowering of interest rates is seen as a cure-all for our economy.
He was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the name of his alma mater.
His father died of a cerebral hemorrhage.
I couldn't bear the disgusting smell of his room.
The children got unruly after their parents left home.
Her baby had oval shaped eyes.
A period of quarantine is necessary for animals arriving from abroad.
It's your turn to mow the lawn.
I've been suffering from a migraine for the last few days.
The old house on the hill is said to be haunted.
Jimmy has left for a fortnight's holiday today.
A van drew up alongside.

His asthma was getting better day by day.
What we did was just a cosmetic change to the house.
The children were emaciated because of malnutrition.
The spy claimed he had been made a scapegoat for KGB.
She learned how to read braille very quickly.
After he got out of the prison, he became vindictive.
Dali is a highly esteemed artist.
The illiterate population in the world is decreasing.
It is a stereotype that Japanese are diligent.
Celine had an innate talent for music.
The chairperson made an overt attempt to silence the members.
Kathy and Tom had a midnight rendezvous.
The shops here are comparable to those on Fifth Avenue.
He is understating the difficulty of the problem.

Please vacate your room before 9 o'clock.
Can you imagine how much information this small chip can hold?
We gasped in horror when we saw the ghost in the cemetery.
I didn't mean it in a derogatory sense.
I saw nothing but barrels of beer in the brewery.
The new secretary is quite subservient to me.
This is one of the poshest hotels in the world.
My father had his pay curtailed.
This dress is so big that it needs an alteration.
Few princesses have had the carisma of Diana.
Distilled water is necessary for soaking contact lenses.
Some utilitarian buildings are in contrast with old temples in Kyoto.
What's the rationale for teaching your child foreign languages?
Nitrogen forms about 78% of the earth's atmosphere.

After several miscarriages, she gave birth to a daughter.
We are afraid that the new president is rather hawkish.
Older generations envy the freewheeling lives of the young people.
I made a few amendments to my essay before turning it in.
It was an auspicious start to their new life.
I know he is craving for alcohol.
His study encompasses social and economic aspects of the language.
Some religious people hate our modern secular society.
We enjoyed a breathtaking view from the helicopter.
You can stay at this hotel with this voucher.
"Four-letter words" is an euphemism of some obscene words.
She can speak impeccable English.
She was sitting on a stool in the cafeteria.
He was not intimidated by the threat of the opponents.

The teacher reprimanded her for misconduct.
I saw a compelling painting at the Louvre.
What's done cannot be undone.
People in this island catch fish to supplement the staple of rice.
Her baby was christended in this church.
The nurse put a gauze bandage on the patient's cut.
My grandmother was dexterous at needle work.
There was no water in the basin of the fountain.
Being a surrogate mother is a controversial issue in any country.
What kind of plan do they have to augment government income.
Tom shut this eyes against the dazzling light.
I had ambivalent feelings about getting married to him.
Mr.Rockfeller came in a chauffeured limousine.
The exchange rate nosedived early this week.

The coach's words boosted the team's morale.
My grandfather can't hear anything without the use of a hearing aid.
It took only a few days till the fighting turned into a full-blown war.
What is this appratus for?
The signature on the check has not yet been authenticated.
We walked along the creek which was almost dry.
Have you ever experienced sibling rivalry?
Mr.Williams was found guilty of bribery.
The Japanese delegation staged a walkout.
In some countries euthanasia is legal.
To ask women their age is impertinent.
The word "good" sometimes has moral connotations.
In Japan, "restructuring" is an ominous euphemism for downsizing.
How true is the old cliche that blood is thicker than water?

He drew a diagonal line on the paper.
Your lack of qualification precludes you from the promotion.
Some people are still buried under the building debris.
My son majored in chemistry at college.
The numerical target for the sales was shown at the meeting.
I sat down on the stump of a tree and took a rest.
Put some mothballs in the drawers to protect your clothes.
The man put the harness on a horse.
This shop deals with all sorts of garments.
These are the works of a potter and his apprentice.
The view from the crest of the hill was excellent.
The old building was bulldozed out of the way.
This evidence implicates Bob in the bribery case.
He reached mandatory retirement age last year.

People know each other well in this close-knit community.
Diarrhea is often caused by food poisoning.
Our company is moving to new premisses soon.
Can you identify the auxiliary verb in this sentence?
Prank calls are annoying to anyone.
He got this antique lamp at an astronomical price.
The lady took her checkbook out of her bag.