Examples of short sentenses from TOIEC score to get over 860 points.

Jukugo Rank-C

Everybody kicked him in the teeth.
I just dabble at painting.
I try to give a wide berth to that weirdo.
Since it was so crowded, there was no room to swing a cat.
She is trying to bear up under a lot of difficulties.
She was all of a flutter about the leaking water pipes.
No matter what others said, he kept a stiff upper lip.
He used to even have the governor under his's thumb.
In a nutshell, you're beating your head against a wall.
Their children were told to mind their p's and q's.
They waited on their master hand and foot.
She often sheds crocodile tears.
We can't thumb our noses at the importance of the matter.
Harry is not the type to have an ax to grind.

As the leader of the club, he wants to call the shots.
That coffee shop is his frequent port of call on his way home.
The penalty was only a slap on the wrist for him.
Amanda is dead set against the company's new regulation.
He is the last person I want to play second fiddle to.
He didn't know anything about it until I put a bug in his ear.
Her shrill voice sets my teeth on edge.
His idea sounded great, but it died on the vine.
When the wolf came out, Lou started to shake in his shoes.
My mother raised a big stink about my kissing Ted in public.
The man went from rags to riches in only five months.
That sort of explanation doesn't even put me in the ballpark.
Render the following sentences into English.
He put the bite on me again yesterday.

I can write articles much faster once I get into the swing of it.
My words only poured oil on the flames.
Ever since he retired, he's lived off the fat of the land.
A beautiful chapel perches on a hill overlooking the ocean.
That stereo was so bad that it was not worth a red cent.
Good English teachers are as scarce as hen's teeth in Japan.
He always tries to curry favor with his teachers.
That singer seems to rest on his laurels.
Her mother was like a cat on a hot tin roof then.
His father gave him a piece of his mind when he told a lie.
Things were going well until he upset the applecart.
I would give my right arm to meet the famous actor.
My grandmother is always at my grandfather's beck and call.
Cleaning this room will take a lot of elbow grease.

My wife sometimes buys a pig in a poke.
The boss laid down the law to Lisa for not being punctual.
Living there for three years was a bitter pill to swallow for him.
He told tales out of school about his company to the press.
Larry has fed me a line many times in the past.
The teacher's question caught the student napping.
The news of his sexual harassment exploded a bombshell.
Don't embarrass me by washing your dirty linen in public.
The school is lowering the boom on absentees.
Due to the recession the company gave him the pink slip.
He wants to become an American citizen by hook or by crook.
Many Japanese college students sow their wild oats.
They tried to find the culprit but it was a wild-goose chase.
Lois got the position through the good offices of her professor.

Lack of education is his Achilles' heel.
That temple near our house sticks out like a sore thumb.
The hurricane put a crimp in our plans to go on our honeymoon.
Mind you, don't lose sleep over the matter.
Yuri cut her teeth on the piano before she even turned three.
The security guard was asleep at the switch.
The politician has been on the back burner in recent years.
On a sweltering day like this, I feel like a wet rag.
You really balled up our plan, didn't you?
At long last the soldier bit the dust.
He trumped up such a poor excuse.
I didn't know how he felt about it, so I put out a feeler.
The mere thought of her present success makes his blood boil.
Though he was ditched by Miho, he still carries a torch for her.

She forgot my birthday again. She has a memory like a sieve.
Then I thought Brendon was blowing his own horn.
He's chasing his tail over that matter.
He pumps iron before going to bed to become more muscular.
Christopher is living the life of Riley in Florida.
Mr.Howard always cuts the mustard as a salesman.
If you grease his palm, he will definitely hush up about the affair.
When the problem popped up, he tried to paper over the cracks.
He hacked out a new plan by himself.
I haven't heard from him for donkey's years.
Regardless of his efforts, he ended up falling between two stools.
Let's wipe the slate clean and start again.
He works hard to earn his salt.
They talked so much that I couldn't get a word in edgewise.

Fifty years after it was written, they sat up and took notice.
Why don't you join his company and get in on the ground floor?
Ian got the shaft and lost all of his money.
He's been paddling his own canoe since he was a little kid.
Richard got off to a flying start in his new job.
She was leaning on a reed.
The old fridge went haywire.
Simon likes to hark back to the past.
Being poor in old age must be a hard row to hoe.
He often goes out on a limb, but he should be more careful.
That's like biting the hand that feeds you.
I jammed on the brakes before I hit the deer.
Whenever Junko takes up a new hobby, she goes whole hog.
It goes without saying that his life hangs by a thread.

We had to pay top dollar to buy this land.
The manager sent Jake out to graze only last week.
My boss is always breathing down my neck.
Before you get permission from him, don't go off the deep end.
What bugs me about him is that he often jumps down my throat.
He was allegedly involved in siphoning off public funds.
Joy is always bright and chipper.
They went in cahoots to plant a time bomb in the building.
The event was held under the aegis of the Board of Education.
Because of his wife's cancer, he went through the wringer.
When I was sick in bed, Deborah stepped in the breach.
I got a charley horse while jogging.
That family with five kids is always a three-ring circus.
Tha bank robber got away slick as a whistle.

Why did he go scot-free in the murder case?
I'm on tenterhooks about my math test result.
He was relieved to get a clean bill of health from his doctor.
They've been shacking up together for five years.
After all, he didn't put his John Hancock on the contract.
Hannah is something of a shrinking violet.
He likes to lay on the butter to his teachers.
He definitely knows the way to stretch his dollar.
The man pounded the pavement to find a job.
Honestly, I do not know him from Adam.
The guerrilla band was armed to the teeth.
I think he has too many irons in the fire.
Bert vegs out on the couch reading books on Staurdays.
He wants to set the world on fire.

Sally's repeated mistake put her boss on the warpath.
He fell for their trick hook, line and sinker.
Mr. and Mrs. Setten really put out the welcome mat for us.
I soon realized that Douglas was as nutty as a fruitcake.
He ruffled the boss's feathers with his scathing criticism.
The elite businessmen jockeyed for position.
I feel as snug as a bug in a rug in these new pajamas.
The gardener was hacking away at the branches.
The man got so mad that it scared the daylights out of the boy.
Many students of his are too big for their breeches.
Those two translators are as different as chalk from cheese.
I'll bet my bottom dollar that he's in the wrong.
The young couple flew the coop and headed for New York.
Todd plucked up his courage, and asked Micki to marry him.

Cindy appears to be neither fish nor fowl. Is she honest?
Our plan fell through; now it's back to the drawing board.
They were usually at loggerheads over various issues.
The young lawyer cut a wide swath in the small town.
After he was laid off, he was at the end of his tether.
I locked horns with my supervisor over that issue.
The hotel room was gorgeous to the nth degree.
Kevin died in the saddle.
Naomi gave me a song and dance about being booked solid.
Karen paid the loan back in dribs and drabs.
He took the bull by the horns and said no to the higher-up.
I tried to remember his phone number but I drew a blank.
They manage to eke out a living by running a small pet shop.
He often throws a monkey wrench into our plans.

Mr.Aoki has a bad habit of robbing Peter to pay Paul.
Soon after he started his Ph.D program, he fell by the wayside.
He got off on the wrong foot by making a rude remark about it.
That French movie was fair to middling.
He keeled over during the parade from the heat.
I don't think your grades will pass muster.
Eons ago there were dinosaurs on the earth.
Leroy rode roughshod over his colleagues to get promoted.
I'm pulling out all the stops to meet the deadline.
That guy sold us down the river, and became very successful.
He went berserk when he drank too much whiskey.
It was quite obvious that Oscar was lying through his teeth.
As he had a brain tumor, he went under the knife last month.
I'm almost done. I can tie up the loose ends tomorrow.

He skillfully laid the groundwork for the negotiations.
He went through all the motions of being sick.
The moment he hauled off, I ran away in a flurry.
Smoking marijuana proved to be the kiss of death for him.
Our research was going well until we hit a snag.
Let's wait and see which way the wind blows.
Nobody expected him to play the martyr.
He hemmed and hawed and gave an evasive answer.
Since you didn't come back, I was left in the lurch.
I wish he'd stop throwing his weight around in our office.
I will try it and let the chips fall where they may.
Chuck suddenly started ranting and raving.
He's notorious for playing fast and loose with women's hearts.
Did he really mean it? He must've lost all his marbles.