Examples of short sentenses from TOIEC score to get over 860 points.

Jukugo Rank-B

His music made a big splash in Japan last year.
He picked up with Laura.
His insulting remark yesterday was the last straw.
She was flicking through her late mother's diary.
To tide over this recession, they are tightening their belts.
My guess hit the bull's eye.
He will try to refute me at the drop of a hat.
In addition to steak, they served beef stew for good measure.
Jed's success as an entrepreneur turned his head completely.
She doted on her four granchildren.
The movie star tapped into the mafia gang.
My grandparents are not in their second childhood at all.
He wants to live like a lord.
Thousands of houses collapsed at one fell swoop.

When it comes to piano lessons, she is very quick on the uptake.
He bought a house but it hardly made a dent in his savings.
He is really good at speaking off the cuff.
My sister was fussing up her room with pictures.
Dr.Oxford is, in all likelihood, on the wrong side of 50.
The Dodgers chalked up four runs in the first inning.
I had to weed out the junk from my desk.
Tomomi bids fair to win first prize.
If my daughter wants to marry him, it'll be over my dead body.
The poor dog was as dead as a doornail.
His friends egged him on to shoplift with them.
Singing was part and parcel of program.
Fred is 30 years old but still sponging off his parents.
I told him to keep his nose clean, but he didn't listen to me.

Her attempt to become a stewardess is squaring the circle.
Don't suffer by yourself. Get it off your chest.
The factory is able to churn out 2,000 television sets a day.
Jeff wanted to tear his hair out when he heard the news.
Her sharp looks knocked his socks off.
He was casting about for an excuse of being late.
He gets his pent-up frustration out of his system by drinking.
I saw the famous fashion model in the flesh.
The CEO gave his blessing to my proposal.
Timothy is a fast liver.
I'll eat my hat if he is admitted into Tokyo University.
He was playing the market way back when.
Don't be a party pooper.
Ms.Yumi Kadooka always takes English exams in stride.
That businessman is a smooth operator.
First, the bread was doled out to the refugees.
Chronic fatigue took its toll on his health.
When it comes to mountain bikes, he really knows his stuff.
The man pulled a fast one on me and sold me worthless stock.
Both Japan and the U.S. signed on the dotted line.
He used the charity fund to line his pockets.
He said something between his teeth.
Cellular phones are all the rage among college students.
I love my brother. He's my own flesh and bood, you know.
The speaker struck exactly the right note.
He is seriously thinking about how to live down the disgrace.
Don't you ever get funny with me, young man!
The coach gave the team a pep talk.

It was obvious that they pulled the story out of a hat.
I bumped into an old flame of yours at the post office.
He is a born and bred New Yorker.
The army sat down on the radical students.
He has two strikes against him in financial matters.
He looked down his nose at my old car.
They bounced ideas for the sales strategy off each other.
Patrick often gets a raw deal in his company.
She paid through the nose for that dress.
He went off half-cocked and told us the news.
The poor-looking man turned up his heels in the alley.
Don't cut my hair any shorter. Leave well enough alone.
She felt cheap about her repeated mistakes.
The judge threw the book at the defendant.

The cab nicked in ahead of my car.
Ever since the actor was arrested, he's been in the doghouse.
I'll do my very best to work on this project down to the wire.
Kari's skill in waterskiing takes the cake.
It's in the cards that he will be accepted by Harvard University.
The government has decided to stand pat on the policy.
Jay listened to the bad news without turning a hair.
The small church was bursting at the seams.
He's very boring, for he always talks shop with everybody.
The man wanted to settle a score with his ex-wife.
I felt it in my bones that he might never return to Japan.
The issue will open up a can of worms.
You had better not balk at asking him for a raise.
The news made us all sit up.

$80,000 is nothing to sneeze at.
It jacked up prices of Japanese automobiles in the U.S.
Let's stop by the pizza shop and put on the feed bag.
She made herself up for the part of Cleopatra.
I don't know why, but he always rubs me the wrong way.
You can make book on it that he won't come on time.
I took a lot of flak from my colleagues about that.
The man was messing around with his new camera.
Henry is still singing the blues about his failure in business.
They've already told their kids about the birds and the bees.
Your experience will definitely stand you in good stead.
When the chips are down, you can bank on him.
When the student was caught cheating, he was skinned alive.
The lawyer has enough similar cases under his belt.

I don't want my life to be in a rut.
I hear he's been rubbing elbows with the Kennedys.
I don't have the slightest idea why he looked askance at me.
Calm down. There is no need to fly off the handle.
Brian is at the helm of the program.
Her life has had many twists and turns.
Frankly speaking, this sort of contract is null and void.
Rebecca gave a good account of herself in the oratorical contest.
The man thinks that everyone should bow and scrape to him.
Everyone had a whale of a time at the party.
They fought tooth and nail to have their pay increased.
I think it's like making bricks without straw.
His wife bosses him around.
Hideo Nomo stole the show in the U.S. Major League in 1995.

Don't make free with my motorcycle.
Stop playing dumb. I know the truth.
The report was done up to the nines.
My job barely enables me to keep the wolf from the door.
Gabriel conned Yuko into buying him a new car.
She was hard done by her manager.
The player ground his teeth in frustration.
I took a shot in the dark and it was the right answer.
Make-up classes threw cold water on my plan to visit him.
Rika has pined away for John since he returned to the U.S.
Patty jibes with Kristina.
The strange rumor spread like wildfire.
Before reaching a conclusion, he chewed the cud on it.
That firm tries to have its finger in every pie in this area.

This elimination round is the acid test for those debaters.
I don't want you to think that you have the world by the tail.
He busted his tail to get the house painted.
If you twist my arm, I'll go with you.
When I wrecked his car, he was as mad as a March hare.
Judging from the situation, it'll all come out in the wash.
The young researcher is a diamond in the rough.
I wonder how we can take him down a peg.
His popularity with television audiences has been on the wane.
She had good intentious but she killed me with kidness.
Our one-week trip in Hong Kong cost us an arm and a leg.
We sincerely asked him to play ball with us on this project.
When I asked her the reason, she laid it on the line.
If you want to work here, you've got to toe the line.

She answered the question off the top of her head.
I've heard the news straight from the horse's mouth.
He tries to lord it over all of us.
Let's sweep the whole thing under the rug.
This product is somewhat of a drug on the market.
The detective ferreted out the whereabouts of the criminal.
I cooled my heels in the waiting room for almost an hour.
Are you ready to take the plunge, Ruby?
The secret began to ooze out in the company.
He knuckled under to his wife's request for a diamond ring.
Right after work, he bellied up to the pub.
His parents pulled the plug on his financial assistance.
Those two boxers fought the bout nip and tuck.
The teacher often gave Mayu a pat on the back.

He searched every nook and corner for his watch.
We thrashed out the matter until after midnight.
He pulled a real boner and got fired.
I think Ed is a stuffed shirt.
He got my goat by calling me an airhead.
When their children disobeyed them, they put their foot down.
The judge meted out justice to the criminal.
I don't need your help just yet. I want to play a lone hand now.
Someone has muddled up my handouts.
Jill is not one to mince words.
Linda always gets on her high horse, so nobody likes her.
In the end the prodigal son swallowed his pride.
Elaine must have bats in her belfry to be thinking like that.
They were trying to fob us off again.

Who in the world among us will bell the cat?
Although the car cost $3,000, it was not worth the candle.
It was an honest mistake but he bit my head off.
This is my nest egg to put away.
Raymond punched me, so I gave him tit for tat by kicking him.
She must have a screw loose to have five bikes for herself.
He decided to quit his office job and strike out on his own.
They beat the bushes for the lost child.
Bart is as poor as a church mouse.
Mary will be tickled to death with her birthday present.
She whipped out a credit card to pay for the clothes.
Since I left in the middle, I didn't hear the tail end of the lecture.
The problem didn't amount to a hill of beans.
The Chinese restaurant is off the beaten track.

His retirement pay was burning a hole in his pocket.
It was our owner who squeezed an orange.
That suit fits you like a glove.
He even couldn't ante up half of the down payment.
Instead of building castles in the air, be more realistic.
I staved off the salesman by shutting the door.
Since Ned is coming today, you'd better make yourself scarce.