Examples of short sentenses from TOIEC score to get over 860 points.

Jukugo : Rank-A

He has written more than 20 books to date.
Don't worry, Kenji. I'll put in a good word for you with the boss.
Many strange things came to pass one after another.
In my book, Norman is a real slacker.
Do you sometimes go out to drink or sing after hours?
He likes to bum around with his gilfriend in the park.
His wife writes a very good hand.
There was lively give and take at the press conference.
There weren't more than fifteen people at the outside.
Ok, you guys, hop in.
Something out of the ordinary might occur soon.
Let's spread the table with the dishes.
He was flat out in the living room.
When I whacked my head, I saw stars.

He took leave of his family and boarded the plane.
My husband is a bear in the morning.
He fell for Becky in a big way.
Nobody was to blame. It was an act of God.
You'll have to make time not to miss the train.
Ben often eats like a horse.
Mr.Okano always lets loose with a horse laugh.
Am I putting you out by asking you to do this favor for me.
They worked like everything to paint the garage.
The shop sits back from the road.
Prof.Kadooka is big on wine and has more than 200 wine bottles.
On another note, how are your folks lately?
The scorching weather did them in.
They are making headway in the construction of the building.

Kendrick is far and away the best student in the class.
He squared away his work before going to a movie.
The President had affairs with a host of women.
The sudden ringing of the phone broke in on his thoughts.
You will have it made once you finish medical school.
It's just one of those things, so forget it.
Be sure to count heads first when they gather in the classroom.
Hey, it's no laughing matter. I mean business.
A whole slew of people went to the concert.
I dashed off a note to tell them the news.
Suffice it to say that he is obnoxious.
In chess, Gordon is second only to me.
Every time I ask about it, Joyce clams up.
The principal has been under fire for his racial remarks.

Judging from their theories, they are poles apart.
I had my fill of Swiss chocolates.
Would you double the blanket up?
Finishing this paper by Friday is a tall order.
Don't hang out of the window, because it's very dangerous.
I hope things will go off like clockwork.
I had a yen for pumpkin pie.
Our children have been bubbling over since this morning.
His friends often make sport of him.
Despite all his scandals, Jack still props up Clinton.
When I made the same mistake, he hit the roof.
His car was towed away by the tow truck this morning.
Alicia is all fired up for the tennis match.
Could you draw up this agreement in black and white?

As luck would have it, he won the lottery again.
We left early to scout for a good place to camp.
The leader went west all of a sudden.
Having to support a big family like mine is not a bed of roses.
I learned the hard way about the importance of health.
Dick is a bad apple.
He is an old hand at glass etching.
He has the discenment to critically size up a situation.
Children are apt to ask for the moon.
Don't get so uptight. This is just a game.
Mr.Satake has worked his way up to the top.
Once we began talking, Susanna loosened up.
You shouldn't play down the matter.
Ms.Okamoto teaches English on the side at college.

Their business practice smells like a rose.
His recovery was nothing short of a miracle.
Dave hasn't finished his paper by a long shot.
He's a music lover to the core.
Ron is such a soft touch he always loans others money.
Everybody thinks that Amy is full of hot air.
Isn't it normal for teachers to play favorites?
What do you say to taking a drop this evening?
My father traded in his old car for a brand-new one.
In short, he swims like a rock.
They drank in the beautiful panorama of the canyon.
I always pay as I go.
When least expected, my uncle looked in on me.
That company is branching out throughout the Asian region.

Keep your chin up, Steve.
Superstitions die hard in any country.
Don't look on the dark side, Nancy. Have hope.
They'll break ground for the apartment building tomorrow.
Her obstinacy had me up a tree.
She really tried hard to get next to the people around her.
He made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.
Veer to the left when you come to the fork in the road.
I should have taken stock of the inventory more closely.
I'd like to find out what makes today's world tick.
My photo album collected dust for many years.
His wife earns as much again as he does.
Kathy is $1,000 in the hole this month.
Eric's engagement with Leah has become the talk of the town.

The firm turned out to be only a dummy company.
Joan cried her eyes out when her cat died.
How did you get wind of Julie and Neal's engagement?
He won't make a clear-cut decision unless you pin him down.
The professor uses the carrot and the stick very effectively.
The police roundded up those criminals.
My idea and his were out of sync.
You should do your bit as a student while you're in college.
The old couple is an easy mark for any fraud.
They chewed on my proposal and rejected it.
She was terribly cut up when she heard the news.
Terry always causes trouble by saying one word too many.
Beautiful high-rises stood shoulder to shoulder.
He got promoted. Doesn't that beat all?

I have a beef with Fran about his decision.
He is notorious for telling tall stories.
As soon as he took the floor, everybody became very quiet.
Black smoke was issuing from cracks in the wall.
He wants to live it up after he retires.
His joke had us all falling about.
He is clued up on astronomy.
He treated the people in that group as small fry.
If this plan fails, we might need to go back to square one.
Mr.Nagano's sushi bar blossomed into a nationwide chain.
He keeps harping on her poor cooking.
Nobody wanted to touch upon the crux of the matter.
My boss is, so to speak, a slave driver.
The scary movie gave her goose bumps.

I was just grasping at straws.
Sam may be a late bloomer.
I slipped up when I made that decision.
Associate professor Yasushi Someda is a real ladies' man.
His music is old hat.
Peter is in the market for a new house.
Unfortunately, their marriage went on the rocks.
It is impossible for a baby to stay put.
He won the gubernatorial election by a whisker.
My stereo went on the blink again.
He drinks like a fish.
My migraine has flared up again.
We had to rustle up some food for our guests.
Johnny knows no better.

We should nail down the time and the place for the meeting.
After she gets out of the hospital, she'll perk up soon.
I'll go to great lengths in order to realize my dream.
In this meeting everyone gets a chance to sound off.
Let's pig out on pizza tonight.
He didn't fall into line with the other employees.
We singled him out as chairman of the committee.
He lost his job last week and now he's in the soup.
Ken and John have palled around for over 15 years.
He often seems to have his head in the clouds.
They've already spent over three hours shooting the bull.
He wouldn't lift a hand to help anyone.
Your English is getting better. Just keep plugging along.
Mitsuyo has lived high off the hog since he came into a fortune.

Don't rock the boat by asking for something impossible.
Last night the kids next-door made a racket.
I'll thank you to refrain from smoking here.
I don't know why he railed at me like that yesterday.
They laid over in Chicago on their way to Atlanta.
The man owned up to having killed the missing woman.
Donald backed my proposal right off the bat.
Troy puts on a front that he's well-off.
They caught the thief in the act.
Let's grab a bite before we discuss the matter.
He will carry the ball on this business deal.
In men's gymnastics, Japan swept the board.
Jealousy among them was the apple of discord.
I found that Tomo has a memory like an elephant.

He studied for dear life for the finals.
I tried to negotiate with him, but it didn't pan out.
His work was a cut above anyone else's.
For artists, creativity and originality are their stock in trade.
My father gave vent to his rage by criticizing us all. Kyoko was slicked up for a date.
Watching the dancer's performance took our breath away.
The government decided to pare down its defense expenses.
God forbid that it should rain tomorrow and spoil our picnic.
My friends all beat it and left me holding the bag.
Bob's smoking is a bone of contention between us.
Some people let it all hang out, but I'm not like that.
I can vouch for Tina's integrity on the job.
When toilet paper went on sale, the shoppers snapped it up.

They burned up the road on the way to the movie theater.
Rumor has it that Tom is going to fill Mark's shoes.
He kept shouting until he was blue in the face.
They rose to the occasion and helped out the earthquake victims.
This course will hit only the high spots of American literature.
Chinatsu was all dolled up for commencement.
My father often catches forty winks in the afternoon.
Study in the States if you see fit to do so.
Kristi was top dog in the 100-meter dash.
I've heard say that the project was kicked off by fits and starts.
My grandfather gave me a check in lieu of cash.
In the middle of our talk, Bob chimed in with his opinion.
Russell gave Janet a compassionate shoulder to lean on.
He always carries a chip on his shoulder.

His moped was returned in one piece.
I'm sorry but I'm booked up for this evening.
His golf isn't up to par today.
Everything should come up roses in the end.
She dished it out to her lazy son.
She got carried away by the interesting movie.
If you want to master English, you have to go the extra mile.