Shl32ico - Shell32 Icon Reset Utility


Beta Version
Shl32ico - Shell32 Icon Reset Utility by K. Miyahara (c) 2005-2007


Shl32ico - Shell32 Icon Reset Utility by K. Miyahara (c) 2005-2007
Freeware for non-commercial use
No Warranty - The author takes no responsibility of any damage.
Beta Version - You may NOT distribute this program without the author's permission.
Not for VISTA - This program will not work (yet) for VISTA.
Download SHL32ICO.ZIP - Ver0.17 107KB (2007/02/19)


This small program helps you to assign icons only from shell32.dll for better performance. It creates two registry files, "ico_chg.reg" and "ico_undo.reg" to replace non-shell32.dll icon assignments. After you check the contents of both files, right click ico_chg.reg to apply a new icon setting. You should keep ico_undo.reg to undo the effect.

*WARNING* This program is for registry experts only! Use it at Your Own Risk.


Your Windows version is automatically detected. Choose your OS manually if it does not work for you. This program may hopefully work on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP. However, it is not tested on NT and 2000 yet.

Test button

New setting will be displayed on screen and no files will be created.

Abort button

This button stops the program scanning. In some environments, this button does not work and you may have to close the window to stop the program.

Configuration file

See shl32ico.ini for details about keyword setting. For non-Japanese Windows users, rename shl32ico.eng as shl32ico.ini.


\HKCR, CLSID, Shell Icons, \HKCU...\Explorer\CLSID, and FindExt

These options specify which registry area will be scanned, respectively:

Disable IsShortcut

This option disables shortcut arrows.

Disable Iconhandler

This option disables iconhandlers, which handle complicated icon selection such as internet shortcut icons. If the "lnkfile" checkbox is on, the iconhandler for lnkfile (shortcut) is also disabled.

Skip shell32

With this checkbox on, the program ignores icons already set to use shell32.dll.

Check shell/PH key

Entries with a shell or PersistentHandler key will be considered even if it does not have a DefaultIcon key.


This program is compiled by Hot Soup Processor ver 2.61 (onion software (c) )

Hidden command

Press "Help" button four times to activate "Refresh" button to refresh icon cache. Press another four times to activate "REGEDIT" button to apply a newly created ico_chg.reg. These buttons DO change your registry. Do it at Your Own Risk, please.


The author needs your help about following:
non-Japanese Windows
The author does not have a non-Japanese Windows. Please report results in such environments.

Config. file
Please submit a nicely configured shl32ico.ini file to share your work with everyone. I will put the file, with its author's name, in a CONTRIB directry in future versions.

Bug report
If you find bugs, please send E-mail to
-- Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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