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Yokochi,T.(2010) Revision of the Subgenus Limbusa Moore, [1897] (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Adoliadini) Part 1. Systematic arrangement and taxonomic list

The butterfly and nature of Far-east Russia
(Aug., 2008)
Alpine Butterflies of Daisetsu-zan, Hokkaido
Familiar butterfly photos by gExploratory Entomologisth Dr. NISHIDA Kenji

INDEX of Butterflies
INDEX of our journal Butterflies is revised! Now you can easily scan the titles of papers and articles which may interest you.

Butterflies No.68
2015. Apr. 10

Rare and Interesting Butterflies
of the world

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Sorry for your inconvenience! Unfortunately we are not good at English, so the articles available on this webpage is still poor and limited. But we are doing our best to attract many butterfly lovers from all over the world. Now we have just started "BSJ Blog". On this blog, we provide various news and information on butterflies as well as some announcement from the society. All articles are written in English and Japanese. So you can enjoy it!

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Takashi Yokochi

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