The History of Bonin Islands

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The Chronological Table of Bonin Islands

1593 Sadayori Ogasawara, the lord of Shinshu-Matsumoto, found the islands.
1675 Edo-bakufu, the Tokugawa shogunate, sent the first expedition team.
the 19th century Whaling ships called for water supply.
1827 The U.K. warship Blossom called. They declared the possession.
1853 Perry, the U.S.fleet Commander-in-Chief, touched. He nominated an immigrant from Hawaii as the head of Bonin Islands. It led to the dispute between U.S and U.K..
1861 Edo-bakufu sent the second expedition team. They sent immigrants from Hachijyo-island.
1876 Tha Japan government got other countries' consents and declared the posessesion.
1880 They belonged to Tokyo Prefecture.
1882 Immigrants from U.K, U.S. and Canada were naturalized as Japanese citizens.
1886 In Chichijima-island the Ogasawara Islands Office was founded.
1926 The Ogasawara islands office was changed the named to the Ogasawara Branch Office.
1941- All 7700 residents moved to the mainland of Japan to keep away from the battlefield.
1945 The end of WW2. The islands were ruled by the U.S. Government.
1968 26-June, the restoration to Japan. Ogasawara Village (Tokyo Metroporitan area) was organized.
1972 Ogasawara National Park was designated.

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