ISS Experiment "Inter-MAI-75"

● (No.913) ISS Experiment "Inter-MAI-75" (2016年6月10日)

9 and 10 June 2016 at the International Space Station conducted
an experiment "MAI-75" (Source: R4UAB - Translated with Google)

Experiment "Inter-MAI-75" (Spacecraft and modern technologies and
international communication of personal communications in education).
Educational and humanitarian projects in the Russian segment of the ISS.
Conducts Flight Engineer number 2. The objectives and work on ATEC:
"Preparation and equipment including: radio Kenwood TM D710,
videokommunikatora Kenwood VC-H1, laptop RSK2. Control of the equipment.
Implementation of digital photo and video. Dubbing photo, video on
laptop RSK2. Turn off and closing operations "

- June  9, 2016 Bi2 - 40 min.
- June 10, 2016 Bi2 - 20 min.
Frequency: 145.800 MHz
Modulation: FM
Signal type: SSTV

Take pictures on your computer in mode OnLine you can use the receiver
WEBSDR tuned to 145.800 MHz FM and setting
MMSSTV program.

The purpose of the experiment:
Check possibilities:
- The organization of personal communication between users in the world
  and information resources inside the ISS;
- The use of standard Internet protocols to access to information
  resources inside the ISS;
- Inclusion in the educational process of universities Aerospace profile
  information and telecommunication resources received in the course of
  the experiment.

- Working out a common methodology for video transmission from the ISS
  RS by amateur radio communication channel (SSTV) and its reception in
  the Center of reception and processing of information in the interests
  of IIA educational and commercial projects.
- Carrying out the photo and video filming onboard the ISS RS for
  scenario plan.
- Preparation of initial data for the creation and application of
  the system of space information to a wide range of users.

Used utility machinery:
Complex amateur packet radio consisting of:
- VHF transceiver (Kenwood TM D700 transceiver);
- Antenna-feeder device (4 pcs.)
- Power supply unit (2 pcs.)
- Control computer with the operating system and software packages that
  provides an interface with amateur radio KENWOOD D700.
- Camcorder HDV Sony HVR-Z1;
- Digital Camera Nikon D200;
- Digital Camera Nikon D2X

In the first stage of the experiment "MAI-75" uses the existing onboard
the ISS RS digital photo and video equipment used to carry out surveys
on the scenario plans and amateur radio system with frequency ranges
144-146 and 430-440MHz for the subsequent transfer of the image to Earth.

Experiment Results:
Various kinds of information obtained during the photo and video
shooting scenario plan for the experiment "MAI-75" and other surveys
carried out on board the ISS as a pre-recorded and in real time.
Source: R4UAB, PE0SAT

SSTV received from ISS "Inter-MAI-75"
SSTV pictures received at 14:44 UTC, 09 June 2016 in Brazil:


73 de Roland PY4ZBZ

ARISS SSTV gallery, display mission "Expedition 47"


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