CADRE, MinXSS, Nodes-1/2, STMSat-1 放出展開

● (No.903) CADRE, MinXSS, Nodes-1/2, STMSat-1 放出展開 (2016年3月4日)

CADRE, STMSat-1 他衛星が、2016年5月16日に ISS から放出展開されました。

CADRE, STMSat-1 deployment now set for the week of March 7, 2016 !
Details of the CADRE launch are still TBD unfortunately.  Today we
were told March 8-10, sometime. There could still be another delay.
Hopefully you all can track some beacons for us!  It's going to be
a fast mission, maybe 9 months, and then we'll deorbit.

Looks like I will be a houseguest just a bit longer. With 4 launches
in the next 20 days, astronauts are quite busy! Try again. 3 weeks.

CADRE deployment has been delayed again, this time until April.

My next opportunity to fly looks as though it may be a May 16-18 window!
My battery is charged and I am ready to go!

STMSat-1 Deployment scheduled for Monday, May 16 between 14:00-15:00 UTC!

University of Michigan, USA
437.485MHz 9600bps GMSK
3.404GHz 1Mbit OQPSK

(C)Michigan Exploration Laboratory

University of Colorado, USA
437.350MHz 9600bps GMSK

(C)Colorado Space News

Santa Clara University, USA
437.100MHz 1200bps AFSK
2401.200-2431.200MHz 115.2kbps FSK


St. Thomas More Cathedral School, USA
437.000/437.800MHz 9600bps GMSK,SSTV

(C)Canadensys Aerospace Corporation


CADRE  (CubeSat investigating Atmospheric Density Response to Extreme driving)
MinXSS (Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer)
Nodes  (Network & Operation Demonstration Satellite)
STMSat (St. Thomas More Cathedral School  Satellite)

Deployment Video


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