MCubed-2 復活

● (No.897) MCubed-2 復活 (2016年1月11日)

米国ミシガン大学の衛星 MCubed-2 が一年半ぶりに復活しているのが、JA0CAW局
により 2016年1月4日に発見されました。その後、管制局によりTLEが再計算され

  1 39469U          16005.18328928 +.00003039 +00000-0 +27261-3 0 05020
  2 39469 120.4914 072.7002 0272812 031.5965 330.1173 14.74980201076381

20:24-20:34JST, 6 Jan 2016, Ele 51 ES-S-WN, 437.479MHz 9600bps GMSK
SDR# -> MixW(COM7) -> Decoder(COM8)  という信号の流れでデコードできます。
公称周波数より低めです。新しい TLE どおりに飛来しました。 10秒毎の送信。


How to decode MCubed-2 using MixW

(1) Setup MixW serial port bridge and Device Manager

(2) Setup MixW Mode and Configure

    Mode ... Packet
    Mode settings ... Modem, VHF 9600 baud G3RUH
    Mode settings ... General, Check Emulate KISS TNC on TNC emulation port
    Configure ... Sound device settings, Samplerate 22050
    Configure ... TNC emulation, Port COM7*, Baud rate 9600

(3) Install Python 2.7

(4) Install MCubed-2 Decoder

(5) Run setup_pyserial.bat in MCubed-2 folder

(6) Edit run_serial_to_tcp.bat in MCubed-2 folder -q -p COM8 -b 9600 --rtscts -P 12500 -i 0 -n JE9PEL

(7) Edit config.props in MCubed-2 folder

(8) Run MCubed-2 Decoder in the following order
    1. run_serial_to_tcp.bat
    2. run_gs_client.bat

How to decode MCubed-2 using High-Speed SoundModem(UZ7HO)

設定のポイントは、SoundModem と MCubed-2 Client の "KISS Server Port" を
8100 に合わせ、"run_serial_to_tcp.bat" は使わず、直接 "run_gs_client.bat"
を起動することです。 MixW を設定するよりも、この SoundModem の方が楽です。

(1) Check "Enabled" in "KISS Server Port: 8100"
    HSM(UZ7HO) -> Settings -> Devices -> Server setup

(2) Edit config.props in MCubed-2 folder

(3) Run MCubed-2 Decoder in the following order
    1. Run SDR#
    2. Run HS_SoundModem
    3. Don't use run_serial_to_tcp.bat
    4. Run directly run_gs_client.bat



21:11-21:21JST, 8 Jan 2016, Ele 24 ES-S-WN, 437.479MHz 9600bps GMSK
20:00-20:10JST, 9 Jan 2016, Ele 33 SE-E-NW, 437.479MHz 9600bps GMSK
SDR#1327 + "High-Speed SoundModem" + "MCubed2 Ground Station Client"

MCubed-2 double_port test successfully
20:48-20:58JST, 11 Jan 2016, Ele 66 SE-E-NW, 437.479MHz 9600bps GMSK
SDR#1327 + HS_SoundModem + AgwOnlineKiss244, and
                           MCubed-2_Ground Station Client
High-Speed SoundModem(UZ7HO)_AGWPE Server Port: 8000 Enable for AGW
High-Speed SoundModem(UZ7HO)_KISS  Server Port: 8100 Enable for MC2


MXL Ground Station Client update

CADRE, GRIFEX, MCubed-2 の各々衛星に対応する 「MXL Ground Station Client」
られ次第、JE9PEL/1 が紹介の予定です。(下記)

21:45-21:57JST, 10 Feb 2016, Ele 52 SE-E-N,  437.480MHz 9600bps GMSK
17:22-17:33JST, 11 Feb 2016, Ele 60 NE-E-SW, 437.479MHz 9600bps GMSK


MXL Ground Station Client setup using "HS-Soundmodem + MCubed-2 Client"
edited by JE9PEL/1, Mineo Wakita

 (1) Access to the following GRIFEX web site.

 (2) Click "Downloading the MXL Client Application" and open the PDF file.

 (3) Click to get an account at

 (4) Set your account here and Login.

 (5) Input your "Username and Password" in the popuped window.

 (6) Get "API Access Token" number in the bottom right of the display.

 (7) Press "Dounload Public Client Launcher" in "MXL Satellite Client".

 (8) Download automatically "" into your PC.

 (9) Extract this zip file to the appropriate folder.

(10) Edit config.props in "groundstation" in "mxl_client" folder.

     > radio.1.port=8100
     > client.callsign=JE9PEL

(11) Run setup_pyserial.bat in "mxl_client" folder.

(12) Don't use run_serial_to_tcp.bat,
     Run directly "run_gs_client.bat" in "mxl_client" folder.

     Rewrite "run_gs_client.bat" as follows.
     > cd groundstation
     > java -jar groundstation_launcher_public.jar

(13) Input your "API Access Token" number in the popup window.

(14) Then run automatically "MXL Ground Station Client v1.1.0".

(15) Change to CADRE or GRIFEX or MCubed2 in "Select Satellite" tab.

(16) Install Python 2.7 at the time of the appropriate timing.

(17) Run HSM (High Speed Soundmodem by UZ7HO).

(18) Check "Enabled" in "KISS Server Port: 8100" in HSM(UZ7HO).
       Settings -> Devices -> Server setup

(19) Then you can decode the signal by the above setting.




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