UKube-1, FUNcube-2

● (No.702) UKube-1, FUNcube-2 (2011年3月20日)


「University of Strathcylde, UK Space Agency, AMSAT-UK」による衛星 UKube-1
の現段階の情報をお知らせします。2014年7月8日 (Baikonur Soyuz-2-1b Fregat)

・商用 U/V トランシーバーによる、9k6 BPSK または 9k6 GMSK ダウンリンク
・FUNcubeコンパチブルの AMSAT-UK 開発の U/V トランスポンダーとテレメトリ送信機
・Cape Town の Cape Peninsula University of Technology による 1ワット Sバンド送信機
 これは、1Mbps 上限の QPSK または OQPSK 変調による high data rate mission data downlinking
・myPocketQub 442 SuperSprite AU on UHF with 11mW output using spread spectrum with 100kHz bandwidth


SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-079.08
UK Space Agency UKube-1 Cubesat Takes Shape

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 079.08
March 20, 2011
BID: $ANS-079.08

UK Space Agency UKube-1 Cubesat Takes Shape

This week the UK Space Agency revealed the instruments and experiments that will be
launched into orbit onboard the UKube-1 CubeSat in early 2012.

UKube-1 - a nanosatellite that will allow the UK to test new technologies and carry
out new space research quickly and efficiently is an exciting and novel collaboration
between the UK Space Agency, industry and academia, and is envisaged as the pilot for
a full national CubeSat programme.

As well as providing a fantastic opportunity for innovative UK companies and UK academics
to collaborate on a national space project, UKube-1 is also useful for training the next
generation of space engineers.

A radio subsystem provided by AMSAT-UK, derived from the FUNcube program will provide
a downlink for science education, and a mater- ials science experiment from which school
students can receive data. The system, funded by volunteer members and friends of AMSAT-UK,
will be integrated with UKube-1 as part of the program.

The winning payloads from the UK Space Agency's payload competition include:

+ The first GPS device aimed at measuring plasmaspheric space weather.

+ A camera that will take images of the Earth and test the effect of
  radiation on space hardware, using a new generation of imaging sensor.

+ An experiment to demonstrate the feasibility of using cosmic radiation
  to improve the security of communications satellites and to flight test
  lower cost electronic systems.

+ A payload made up of 5 experiments that UK students and the public
  can interact with.

A complete list of the experiments is listed on the UKube-1 web page at: (

The FUNcube sub-system which will be included on UKube-1, will have exactly the same
functionality as the "original" FUNcube cubesat - including a U/V linear transponder.
Full details of the whole FUNcube project can be found here

[ANS thanks AMSAT-UK and the UK Space Agency for the above information]


The launch of Soyuz-2-1B/Fregat-M from Baikonur in Kazakhstan has
been postponed until February 20, 2014.
The Soyuz should carry Meteor-M number 2, MCA-PN2 (Relek), M3MSat,
UKube-1, SkySat-2, TechDemoSat-1, AISSat-2, DX-1.

このうち 周波数等がわかっている衛星は、UKube-1 および ボードとして搭載の
FUNcube-2 のみです(上記)。他の衛星のモード等は、年が明けて打ち上げ間近に


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