WiSP virtual connection to MixW with VSPE #2

by ST2NH and JE9PEL

● (No.658) WiSP を VSPE によりサウンドカード経由で動作させる方法 #2 (2010年2月18日)

VSPE device を、'Connector type' から 'Pair type' に方針変更しました。

COM2 ... PTT serial port
COM4 ... MixW virtual port
COM5 ... WiSP virtual port

Device Pair type

VSPE setup MixW setup WiSP setup PTT port supplement Subject: WiSP virtual connection to MixW with VSPE From: Mineo Wakita, JE9PEL To: Nader Omer, ST2NH Date: Monday, February 15, 2010, 2:56 AM I had setup VSPE, MixW, and WiSP. I use usually an external soundcard on COM2. So I had setup the virtual serial port of VSPE in COM4. When I request 'Fill Directory' on WiSP(MSPE), I can hear the sound of that request in my PC and I can see some messeges in MixW. But my rig does not do the uplink work. Why? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Re: WiSP virtual connection to MixW with VSPE From: Nader Omer To: Mineo Wakita Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 05:08:08 -0800 (PST) It is look like you have some problem in MixW keying port!! keying setup as following:- Configuer --> TRCVR CAT/PTT --> CAT NONE --> PTT&CAT INTERFACE --> (SELECT HERE YOUR KEY COM) Notice Cat is disabled and all other com port at mixw were disabled except emulator kiss port for VSPE and PTT port. Tx and Rx audio direct from radio data socket to soundcards. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subject: WiSP(MSPE) RX? From: Mineo Wakita To: Nader Omer Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2010, 3:57 AM Hello Nader, I think that all the settings of VSPE, MixW, and WiSP(MSPE) are right. MSPE receive the signal from MixW just only after MSPE started, and MSPE bigin to uplink a message to the satellite once. After this, the signal are receiving on a MixW window, but the signal are not passed to MSPE from MixW at all. In other words, nothing is displayed on MSPE window after this. Do you understand why is it? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Re: WiSP(MSPE) RX? From: Nader Omer To: Mineo Wakita Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 04:47:24 -0800 (PST) Hi Mineo Good day/nigth Looks like com conflict! Ok do this steps it may help Start VSPE 1st Start MIXW 2nd Finely Wisp and MSPE MIXW is so sensitive to shut down the kiss port even if not market with disable marked! I use to restart the software in the same above mentioned sequence when ever I did any changes or when I feel there is something wrong. I notice sometime VSPE got a good memory for any conflict so restart it may help. I use to save the configuration of com connector in VSPE and reopen when restart More fast than to rebuild the connection again. Changing the com in VSPE many help too Check and disable MIXW multi port serial adapters if it has been installed in your PC. Also checking soundcard audio level it may help but I don't think there is a problem at least on 1k2 baud rate with HO-68 The most difficult part is the audio over load I noticed from the data socket to soundcard Input ! I solved by direct audio output from rig's audio socket. Play with the same setting on other PC I did so and on every pc there weresomething deferent. Hope this wll helps my friend ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subject: VSPE device pair type From: Mineo Wakita To: Nader Omer Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2010, 9:03 AM I changed a policy to 'Pair type' from 'Connector type' of VSPE device. COM2 ... PTT serial port COM4 ... MixW virtual port COM5 ... WiSP virtual port ------------------------------------------------------------------------ COM port 自局における COM port が複雑な設定になっているので、ここで他局には参考に ならないと思いますが、備忘録として整理してみました。 COM 1, USB Serial Converter ... TNC, SRLL etc. main com port COM 2, USB Serial Port ... UISS etc. PTT, external sound card port COM 3, Soft Modem AMR ... PC internal modem COM 4, USB Serial Port ... relative COM2 (changed to COM2 from COM4) COM 5, USB Serial Converter ... relative COM1 (changed to COM1 from COM5) COM 6, FOMA N-05A ... NTT Docomo connection manager COM 7, MixW serial port ... bridge #2 input COM 8, MixW serial port ... bridge #2 output COM 9, USB-to-Serial port ... HRD com port COM10, MixW serial port ... bridge #1 input COM11, MixW serial port ... bridge #1 output WiSP は、COM 9 以上では機能しないという情報もあります。 つまり、VSPE virtual serial port のためには、MixW serial port bridge を 無効にして、空いた COM 7, 8 を使うしか方法はない、ということになります。 やっと VSPE 画面に、青色 IRP_MJ_WRITE と 黄色 IRP_MJ_READ が交互に現れて MixW と WiSP(MSPE) の COM port設定で、両者とも COM7 共通の設定でデータが 行き来できるようになりました。二週間かけてやっと前に一つ進むことができて 感無量です。この両者共通の COM port番号設定が、VSPE virtual device type 'Connector' の名称の由来です。次の HO-68 FM_digital で追試してみます。 SUDT AccessPort -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [参考] com0com http://sourceforge.net/projects/com0com/ VSP Manager http://ja0caw-je0mzi.mo-blog.jp/syumi/2011/10/vspmgr.html http://ja0caw-je0mzi.mo-blog.jp/syumi/files/11141.pdf KySat-2 decoder via virtual ports http://st2nh-blogger.blogspot.jp/2013/12/kysat-2-decoder-via-virtual-ports.html

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