E1P, Hermes, KySat-1 打ち上げ情報

● (No.655) E1P, Hermes, KySat-1 打ち上げ情報 (2010年2月7日)
NASA により三個のキューブサットの打ち上げが、2010年11月22日に計画されています。

NASA will launch small research satellites for several universities as part
of the agency's Educational Launch of Nanosatellite, or ELaNA, mission.
The satellites are manifested as an auxiliary payload on the Taurus XL launch
vehicle for NASA's Glory mission, planned for liftoff in 22 November 2010.
(The launching was failed on 4 March, 2011.)

                    CubeSats Launch on 23 Feb. 2011

1. Explorer 1 Prime (E1P), Montana State University
   437.305MHz uplink and 437.505MHz downlink, 1200bps FSK, K7MSU-01
   Space Science and Engineering Laboratory
2. Hermes, University of Colorado
   437.425MHz downlink, 1200bps AFSK/FM
   Colorado Space Grant Consortium
3. KySat-1, University of Kentucky
   145.850MHz uplink and 436.790MHz downlink, 1200bps AFSK/FM/CW
   Space Systems Lab
 Explorer 1 Prime                                    Hermes                                                 KySat-1

Date: 23 Feb. 2011
Mission: Glory
Launch Vehicle: Orbital Sciences Taurus Rocket
Launch Site: Vandenberg Air Force Base, California - Launch Pad SLC 576-E
Launch Time: 02:09:43 a.m. PST / 05:09:43 a.m. EST
             10:09:43 a.m. UTC / 19:09:43 p.m. JST
Description: The Glory Mission will help increase our understanding of the
Earth's energy balance by collecting data on the properties of aerosols
and black carbon in the Earth's atmosphere and how the Sun's irradiance
affects the Earth's climate.

NASA's first Educational Launch of Nanosatellites(ELaNa) is set to launch on
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011. Aboard the launch vehicle are three CubeSats
from US Universities. Secondary payloads include student cubesats from the
University of Kentucky, University of Montana, and University of Colorado.

Preliminary TLE's
1 99999U 00000    11063.43259919 0.00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  0000
2 99999  97.9564   8.4412 0007658  67.0214 113.6793 14.77265551000000

NASA's Glory Satellite Fails To Reach Orbit

WASHINGTON -- NASA's Glory mission launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base
in California Friday at 5:09:45 a.m. EST 2011, failed to reach orbit. 

Telemetry indicated the fairing, the protective shell atop the Taurus XL rocket,
did not separate as expected about three minutes after launch.

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