● (No.606) ONLINE_COMPASS (2008年12月21日)

ドイツ・アーヘン工科大学の衛星 COMPASS-1 の 4k8_MSK 信号を解読するために
事前に、COM Emulation Driver 'ComEmulDrv' をインストールして、そして一つ
のポートを MixW TNC emulation の設定に、もう一つのポートを OnlineCompass
いるところです。DK3WN / Mike Rupprecht氏からは、この方法による詳細な長文

'******' に差し替えました。また、コマンドの Up/Down 周波数、および関係の

関連して、衛星 PoliSat-CP4 の次の記事、および JA0CAW 局による PDF 解説も

また、次の二つのプログラムも著者から入手していますので ここに紹介します。
『onlinecompass.exe』の最新版は、2009年4月19日付けの 'Ver1.72' です。 Ver1.72



このページの最下段で、『ドライバー ComEmulDrv (仮想ポート)の導入・設定方法』


AW: onlinecompass
From: "Mike Rupprecht"
To: "Mineo Wakita"
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 11:19:14 +0100

Dear Mineo,

Of course, you can use OnlineCompass with Soundcard. We and our friendseven
in JA using MixW for doing that.

A simple way is to contact Testu (JA0CAW), Iji (JA6PL) or Toshio(JA1GDE).
They are very active and I think they request data every day (around 0100

But for you the procedure here in English - how to request housekeepingdata
and decode 4k8 MSK with MixW.

After launch we started with 1k2 AFSK because we had no possibility to
decode 4k8 MSK ( no hardware TNC or modem).
But we found a pretty easy way to decode the MSK telemetry based on
soundcard and MixW.

I think, we should start with decoding. Attached I send you a wav filewith
4k8 MSK. If you have MixW already installed (and maybe you are still
familiar with MixW) you can playback the audio file and try to decodethe

Attached a screenshot and a sound file for testing the 4k8 MSK mode. 
I suggest to set your soundcard sample rate to 22050 -> ( MixW ->Configure
-> sound device settings).

For decoding of real traffic from your transceiver it is necessary touse
the DATA OUT (or ACC) port of you transceiver. The headphone jackdoesn’t
work. The audio signal is filtered and so it’s very important to get the
signal as wide as it is. And that’s the point at the discriminator output.
If you work with 9k6 packet you can use this output.

The main settings are: CUSTOM AFSK, Baud rate 4875, Tone1- 2400, Tone 2-
4800 Hz.

To get the raw data into our software (or other terminal software to get
the kiss file) you should use the TNC emulation of MixW.
You should install the Com Emulation Driver.

The steps are following:

1. Open "System" from Control Panel
2. Select "Hardware" tab
3. Click "Device Manager"
4. Locate "MixW serial port bridge" under "Multi-port serial adapters"
5. Right-click on it and choose "Properties"
6. Select Properties tab
7. Choose first and second emulated ports for each pair
   WARNING: Choosing ports which already exist may cause driverconflicts!
8. Click OK and reboot the computer

(Emulated ports DO NOT appear under "Ports (COM & LPT)" in ControlPanel)

Choose for example:

COM7 in MixW -> Terminal Emulation
COM8 in OnlineCompass (change settings in onlinekiss.ini)

You don’t need a special soft/hardware ? I will send you all whatyou need
to command COMPASS.

The very first step is done if you can decode the packets :-)

The next one is get the decoded data into our software. For this we usethe
TNC Emulation of MixW. You should install a COM Emulation driver, which
bridges a virtual COM port to another. So you will have a pair of 2 new
virtual COM ports. One port is used by MixW and the second one is usedby
The software decodes the byte stream and show all the telemetry valuesand
generates a KISS file.

If you get the data on your screen out first goal is achieved :-)

To request data from COMPASS we use DTMF tones. At the moment I do the
following. I run the DTMF software on my laptop, press the regardingbutton
and hold the microphone simply in front of the loudspeaker ? that’sit and
it works.
There are a lot of commands for different tasks. We start withrequesting of
Housekeeping information.
The command is ******. If you send this DTMF sequence to COMPASS she will
answer with a short burts of 2 packets with actually housekeeping data.

The uplink frequency is 14*.*** MHz (FM). The Downlink frequency is 43*.***
MHz (CW/USB) - this is also the beacon frequency (CW every 4 minutes).If
your command is successfully received by COMPASS you will hear a short
confirmation beep on this frequency.

FM downlink frequency is 43*.*** MHz. The requested data will be send on
this frequency. But the FM transmitter is only active in full sunlight.

To check your uplink, you can request a CW test beacon with ******.
You will hear a CW beacon at 43*.*** MHz.

And you can request a 4k8 MSK test packet to check your MixW settings with
******. In this case you will receive the packet on 43*.*** MHz (FM)

In both cases you have to send the DTM tone (FM) on 14*.*** MHz.

I think that's all for the very first start. I hope that's not too much
information. You can play around and try to get some data from COMPASS.
If you have any questions please ask me. Also if you need some *.ocx files
if my software will not run on your system.

There are some hints on my website. It's in german but I believe you can
understand the steps.

Thank you very much again and best 73,


PS: If you need a DTMF software I will send you a file or see here:

-----Ursprungliche Nachricht-----
Von: Mineo Wakita
Gesendet: Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008 02:21
An: mike-rupprecht
Betreff: onlinecompass

Hello Mike,

Can we use this 'onlinecompass.exe' using TNC only, not SoundCard?

JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita

ドライバー ComEmulDrv (仮想ポート)の導入・設定方法

1. コントロールパネルを開く
2. ハードウェアの追加を開く
3. 追加ウィザードの開始が開いたら、次へ をクリック
4. [はい、ハードウェアを接続しています] にチェック
5. [新しいハードウェアデバイスの追加] を選択し、次へ
6. [一覧から選択したハードウェアをインストールする] にチェック
7. [マルチポートシリアルアダプタ] を選択し、次へ
8. [ディスク使用] をクリックし、次に参照ボタンをクリック
9. 『』を解凍して [ComEmulDrv.inf] を選択し、開く
11. モデル『MixW serial port bridge』を選択し、インストール
12.「Windows XP 検査に...」というメッセージは気にせず、続行
13. 完了
14. コントロールパネルを開く
15. システム - ハードウェア - デバイスマネージャー と進む
16. マルチポートシリアルアダプタ - MixW Serial port bridge を選択
17. 右クリック - プロパティ - Properties と進む
18. First emulated port - COM7
    Second emulated port - COM8 と設定
19. MixW2 - モード(Mode) - Packet - モード設定 - 一般 - 
      TNCエミュレーションポートでKISS TNCをエミュレート にチェック
20. MixW2 - モード(Mode) - モード設定 - モデム - 
      VHF Custom AFSK, ボーレート 4875, トーン 2450-4850 と設定
21. MixW2 - 動作環境設定(Configure) - TNC設定 - ポート COM7 を選択
22. MixW2 - 動作環境設定(Configure) - TNC模擬 - ポート COM7 を選択
23. ONLINE_COMPASS の『onlinekiss.ini』の最初の 2行を次に書き換え
24. ONLINE_KISS - File - TNC Setup で、Port - COM8 に設定
25. 以上

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