AAUSAT-II コマンド成功

● (No.580) AAUSAT-II コマンド成功 (2008年6月9日)

AAUSAT-II HP: http://aausatii.space.aau.dk/eng/ より引用翻訳

On Saturday June 7. at 11:27 we had success in sending a command to
AAUSAT-II and as yesterday indirectly confirmation from AAUSAT-II by
beacon "reply". So we are on the right track !!!
Mike DK3WN (Germany) has confirmed and received the same beacon today !!!
So two groundstations has now received same beacon with uplink information.
Thanks a lot for his effort in helping us !!! 

AAUSAT-II コネクト確認 (6月7日)
6月7日(土)11時27分に、我々は AAUSAT-II にコマンドを送信することに成功し、
同日、AAUSAT-II からのビーコン "reply" により間接確認することに成功した。
ドイツの Mike DK3WN 局は本日、同じビーコンを確認し、受信してくれた!!!


FINALLY - WE GOT IT !!! (June 6.)
During a pass on Friday June 6. we did try to establish contact from
ground to AAUSAT-II.
No immediate answer - but ...
In the following beacons we could see:

o AAUSAT-II had received a packet from ground
o the packet had a checksum error :-(
o Uplink callsign (OZ2CUB) was inserted in the following beacons
o and radio signal strength(RSSI) and frequency deviation was inserted
  in the following beacons

So - AAUSAT-II did receive our call and did try to understand us !!!
and - of course - reported this back in the following beacons.
So we are still very very very happy
On the same day we did announce stable downlink we got confirmed
communication from ground to AAUSAT-II !!!
Because this is an indication on that we are now hopefully in a good
position to establish real two way contact to AAUSAT-II.
So we have today received much valuable information that makes us beleive
that we can reach our final top top goal : communication with AAUSAT-II.
It seems that we have to go through a similar procedure as we did with
our downlink(like stronger radio).
So we will continue working :-))))

ついに、我々は得た!!! (6月6日)
6月6日(金)のパスで、地上局から AAUSAT-II にコンタクトを確立することを

・AAUSAT-II は地上局からパケットを受信した.
・そのパケットは、チェックサムエラーだった :-(
・アップリンクコールサイン (OZ2CUB) が、ビーコンに挿入されていた.
・受信信号強度表示信号(RSSI, Received Signal Strength Indicator) と
 周波数制御特性(frequency deviation) がビーコンに挿入されていた.

つまり、AAUSAT-II は我々の呼び掛けを受信し、我々を理解しようとした!!!
このことは、very very very happy である。
同日、地上局から AAUSAT-II に通信を確認できた安定したダウンリンクで
あることを我々は広報した!!! なぜなら、AAUSAT-II に実際にコンタクト
あるからである。そして今日、我々の最後の top top goal つまり、AAUSAT-II
我々はこれからも作業を続けていく :-))))

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