RAFT 大気圏再突入

● (No.534) RAFT 大気圏再突入 (2007年6月2日)

2007年5月30日、RAFT は消滅しました..........
RAFT からの最後のグッドバイ・メッセージです。

Subject: Goodbye message from RAFT
PA3GUO Henk recorded:

Subject: Bye-bye RAFT
WB4APR Bob wrote:
Nothing heard at 0300z.
RAFT is toast I assume.
Last packet captured was by PE1ITR at 01:45:10

20070530014510 :RAFT]BEACON,SGATE,qAO,PE1ITR:T#768,079,103,036,067,131,00100000,999

Bye Bye RAFT!
US Naval Academy Satellite Lab

Subject:  [amsat-bb:98713] RAFT final report.
From:     Robert Bruninga
To:       amsat-bb
Date:     Fri, 1 Jun 2007 09:55:33 -0400

> Dave Johnson's RAFT telemetry page, and FINDU show
> the last RAFT packet within APRS was
> RAFT>BEACON,SGATE,qAO,PE1ITR:T#768,079,103,036,067,131,00100000,999
> Battery Volts      7.9
> Sol Array mA       206
> Battery mA          72
> Load mA            134
> Temperature C       26
> Date   Wed 30 01:45:11

I expanded the scale on the final temperature plot for RAFT, and
it is clear to see the additional data we were getting from all
the great volunteer ground stations.  Re-entry was probably at
0347z over the southern Indian Ocean as predicted by Harro Zimmer.
So although we didn't hear RAFT on that last 0300z pass
over the USA, she was there.  See the web page.


If RAFT had reset due to high temps during the sun pass
30 minutes earlier, it would have returned to only 1 minute
beacons.  But no one reported even hearing any squelch bursts
after that last packet.

Throughout the 5 month 9 day mission, the KPC-3+ TNC command and
control system only had one automatic re-boot.  So it worked
very reliably in space.  It transmitted probably 1,374,000 packets.


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