PehuenSat-1 テレメトリ解析 #1

● (No.517) PehuenSat-1 テレメトリ解析 #1(2007年1月17日)

PehuenSat-1 のボイスとパケットの両方の受信報告が、1月17日の早朝に初めて

Subject: [jamsat-bb:16942] PEHUENSAT-1のボイスダウンリンク
From: "Masaji Ishihara JH3BUM"
Date: 2007年1月17日 0:02

皆さん、JH3BUM 石原です。

今夜の 22時34分からのパスで
PEHUENSAT-1 の音声ダウンリンクを受信しました。
スペイン語で LU1YUC と言っているように思いますが、サフィックスが
MP3 ファイルを以下に置きましたので聞いてみてください。

Masaji Ishihara  石原正次  JH3BUM
AJA #220108   G.LOC  PM75UA

Subject: [amsat-bb:96418] PehuenSat-1 heard and decoded
From: "Edward Chuang"
Date: 2:29, 17 Jan 2007

Hi all,
PehuenSat-1 heard during the pass from 13:25 UTC, Jan.16.
I heard female voice messages and packets, I used MixW to decode it,
and got the following message:

LU1YUC>BEACON>I00,C,F0 (1210 baud):
[[M National University of Comahue Research Project PEHUENSAT1 Satellite
in orbit since Jan-2007. 
Please send this full packet to
the next bytes are telemetry data:0011251242927183016162011122

73, Edward / BX1AD

Subject: [amsat-bb:96425] PehuenSat-1 telemetry
From: "Chuang Edward"
Date: 11:17, 17 Jan 2007

A message from Pehuensat team about telemetry decoding:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Subject: Re: PeheunSat-1 heard and decoded in Taiwan
From: Pehuensat
To: Edward Chuang
Date: 2007/1/17, 6:16

Dear Mr. Edward Chuang,
thank you,
you were the first one that I listen at the Pehuensat-1
the code is the following one:

001 average mAmp of load of the solar panel
12,5 rechargeable battery 1
12,4 rechargeable battery 2
29 temperature 1
27 temperature 2
18 temperature 3
30 temperature 4
16 temperature 5
16 temperature 6
20 temperature 7
11 alkaline battery

Best regards, Jorge Lassig

Subject: [amsat-bb:96475] Peheunsat-1 over West Malaysia
From: "Sion Chow Q. C. (9W2QC)"
Date: 2:11, 20 Jan 2007

Dear All,
This evening (19th January 2007) at 2222 hours Malaysian Standard Time or
1422 hours UTC, I had a 62 degree pass of Peheunsat-1 over West Malaysia.
As I was in the shack during the pass, I decided to track this satellite
and am pleased to report a successful reception of Peheunsat-1. 
Below are three voice recordings heard on 145.825 MHz +/-:

Unfortunately, the audio level of the 1200 baud packet was too low, and
I did not manage to decode anything.  I have the complete pass recording
in wav format, if it may be of use to anyone.

Equipment used were ICOM IC-910H, 10 Element 2M yagi, SSB SP-2000 Preamp.
Thank you and have a nice weekend to everyone.

Sion Chow Q. C.,

Subject: [amsat-bb:96481] Re: Peheunsat-1 over West Malaysia
From: "Mike Rupprecht"
To: "'Sion Chow Q. C. (9W2QC)'"
Date: 5:49, 20 Jan 2007

Dear Sion,
i analyzed and decode the packet frame from your voice-2.mp3 file:

[[M National University of Comahue Research Project PEHUENSAT1 Satellite
in orbit since Jan- 2007.
Please send this full packet to
the next bytes are telemetry data:001129129232014181414151133O

001   solar charge                    1    [mA] 
129   Voltage Battery1                12.9 [V]
129   Voltage Battery2                12.9 [V]
23    internal Temperature Sensor     23   [C]
20    internal Temperature Sensor     20   [C]
14    internal Temperature Sensor     14   [C]
18    internal Temperature Sensor     18   [C]
14    internal Temperature Sensor     14   [C]
14    internal Temperature Sensor     14   [C]
15    internal Temperature Sensor     15   [C]
11    Voltage Alkaline Battery        1.1  [V]

Could you send me the wav file please.
I will try to analyze the other frames.

73, Mike

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