MSPE Ver2.01a バージョンアップ

● (No.200) MSPE Ver2.01a バージョンアップ (2000年4月8日)

WiSP32 の中の MSPE.EXE が、バージョン2.00L にアップデートしました。
(注:5月12日の時点で、MSPEのパージョンは 2.01a に上がっています。)

その変更点は、衛星UO-36 の電源事情を汲み、MSPE2.00L からの 38400bps
のダウンリンク指令があった時に(アップリンクは 9600bps)、通常はオフの

一部書き換える必要があります。 (衛星UO-36の 38400bpsを使用しない場合
は書き換えの必要なし。) このレジストリの書き換えの手順を次に示します
が、危険な操作なので慎重に行なうようにして下さい。 ( 2.は省略可)

なお WiSP上で、衛星UO-36の設定 (GSC - Setup - Satellite Setup[UO-36])

 1. Windows95 - スタートボタン - ファイル名を指定して実行(R) - 
      参照(B) - C:/Windowsフォルダ - Regedit.exe - 開く(O) - OK

 2. レジストリ(R) - レジストリファイルの書き出し(E) - 
      ファイル名をつけて保存(S) [拡張子は自動的に .REGが付く]

 3. My_Computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/WiSP/Satellites/UO-36

 4. 上記3.のようにクリックしていき、UO-36 のキーワード上で点灯

 5. 編集(E) - 新規作成(N) - DWORD_値(D) とクリックしていく。

 6. "New Value #1" を消し、"Tx Request" と新たに書き込む。
    (その際、ダブルクォーテーション " " は書かなくてよい。)

 7. 上記6.の "Tx Request" が点灯(青く反転)している状態で、

    編集(E) - 変更(M) - DWORD値の編集 - 値のデータ(V)

    とクリックしていき、0 を消し、新たに 1 を書き込む。

 8. レジストリ(R) - レジストリエディタの終了(X)

以上のレジストリ操作で、MSPE2.00L が衛星UO-36に対し開いている時には、

なお、この MSPE Ver2.00L は次の amsat-ftpサイトから入手できます。 (現在未接続)


           SYMEK Datensysteme und Elektronik GmbH 社

           PacComm Packet Radio Systems, Inc.社

           Uplink frequency   : 145.960MHz
           Downlink frequency : 437.400MHz

           Broadcast callsign : UO121-11
           BBS callsign       : UO121-12

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 21:31:04 +0000
From: Roy Welch []
Subject: [jamsat-amsat-bb:31301] WiSP correction

Please correct my previous message announcing an update to the 
WiSP module MSPE.
The version should have been stated 2.00l (letter L) instead of

73, Roy

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 20:55:52 +0000
From: Roy Welch []
Subject: [jamsat-amsat-bb:31300] MSPE 2.00i

Hi Fellows,

Chris has asked me to upload a new MSPE 2.00i module for WiSP32.
This version is designed to work with UO-36.  UO-36 has a power 
budget problem and will turn itself off when not required.  

This version of MSPE will send a turn on request which will turn
on the downlink when it is received by UO-36.  Once turned on, 
UO-36 will transmit for approximately 15 minutes before turning 
off again.  This is usually enough time to download between one
and two megabytes of data at 38,400bps. The uplink is at 9600bps.
The April 2000 QST magazine has a fine article on UO-36 written
by Stacey E. Mills, W4SM.

The turn on feature is automatic.  WiSP will transmit the turn on
request approximately every 45 seconds during a pass until UO-36
comes on the air.
Sometimes it will not come on due to a software override in the
satellite because of low power conditions.  This usually will
occur at night, but sometimes happens during the day also.  

You must edit the Windows 95/98 Registry  to activate the turn on
feature. Please do not activate this feature unless you are
equipped to copy the 38400bps downlink of UO-36.

The Registry editing procedure is as follows:

1.  From the Start button select Run, enter REGEDIT and click OK.

2.  Highlight My Computer and backup your Registry by selecting 
    REGISTRY, EXPORT REGISTRY FILE.  Name this export file and save
    it where you can get to it again in the event you do something 
    to your Registry.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this,
    stop now and forget it until you can find someone who can do it
    for you.  If you mess up your Registry we will not have the
    pleasure of seeing you on the satellites for a while.

3.  Go to
    My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WiSP\Satellites\UO-36

4.  Highlight the UO-36 Key Word in the left pane of the window.

5.  In the top menu, click EDIT, NEW, DWORD VALUE.

6.  The name of the new DWORD VALUE should be changed to
    "Tx Request" without the quotes.

7.  Now with Tx Request highlighted, from the top menu select EDIT,
    MODIFY and enter a value of one (1) in the value entry space.  
    Entering a zero again will turn off the automatic turn on feature.

8.  Close the Registry Editor.

Now every time MSPE opens with UO-36, it will automatically request
UO-36 to turn on.

This version will be posted on the AMSAT WiSP ftp site and on UO-22
and KO-25 as  Let me know if you have any questions.

Roy -- W0SL


Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 15:23:31 +0000
From: Roy Welch []
Subject: [amsat-bb:31958] MSPE 2.01a

Hi Fellows,

Chris has asked me to post MSPE version 2.01a.  This version corrects a
problem experienced when the file, MSPE File Info.DAT, reaches a maximum
file capacity limit.

When this limit is reached, any additional files added to the directory
be given a status of G (Grab) regardless of the specifications in the 
MSPE Equations.TXT file.  Most users will not experience this problem.
However, those users receiving the 38,400 bps downlink from UO-36 may
find that the satellite is adding image files to the directory more 
quickly than the user can download them.  As a result the MSPE File 
Info.DAT file will reach its maximum file capacity limit and the 
subsequent files entering the directory will be given the G status.

This version of MSPE will not correct the status of any files already 
shown in the directory as G.  Any new directory entries arriving after
it is installed will have the correct status.

It will be uploaded to UO-22 and KO-25.  It has already been posted at
The filename will be

WISP3215.EXE in a self extracting file.  It contains all of the recent 
updates to the Windows 95/98/NT4.0 version of WiSP. More recent versions
will be posted as individual file updates in this directory.

  The current file versions are:

  GSC      2.03
* MSPE     2.01a
  VIEW-DIR 2.00e
  MSGMAKER 2.10a
  MSGVIEW  2.00b
  PROCMAIL 2.00g
  UPDKEPS  2.00c
  RR.INI   0.73i
  RR.DLL   1.14 04-18-97
  WISP.HLP 12-26-96

* Changed 

Several people have had problems opening Satellite Setup windows, etc. 
in the WiSP32 program using GSC 2.03. It was discussed several times on
the AMSAT-BB that the problem can be fixed by updating Windows 95 with
the Y2K updates that have been posted on

If you are having this problem, go to the above site and update your
Windows95 with the Y2K fixes.  That should take care of the problem.

Roy -- W0SL


MSPE がさらにマイナー・バージョンアップし、V2.01a になりました。
これを加えて WiSP のバージョンも上がり、WiSP3215 となりました。

この WiSP3215.EXE は、下記の amsat-bb の ftpサイトから入手する
ことができます。また、これらを再編集した WiSP3215.LZH を下記の