SWSU-55, Tsiolkovsky-Ryazan, AzaadiSAT, Khayyam
SXC3, Geoscan-Edelveis, KAI-1, Skoltech-B1/B2

● (No.1113) SWSU-55, Tsiolkovsky-Ryazan, Khayyam, SXC3, others (2022年8月9日)

On July 21 Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev and ESA astronaut Samantha
Cristoforetti will carry out an EVA outside the ISS. During that 7 hours
long EVA, starting at around 14:00 UTC, the spacewalkers are planned
to deploy ten Russian cubesats into orbit under the program of the
space experiment "Radioskaf". The EVA, including the deployment of the
cubesats, can be witnessed live on NASA-TV.   [@PA0DLO, 22 Jul 2022]

SWSU-55 No1 (YuZGU No5)   437.050/437.050   1k145 AFSK,SSTV,AUDIO   RS10S
SWSU-55 No2 (YuZGU No6)   437.050/437.062   1k145 AFSK,SSTV,AUDIO   RS11S
SWSU-55 No3 (YuZGU No7)   437.050/437.075   1k145 AFSK,SSTV,AUDIO   RS1S 
SWSU-55 No4 (YuZGU No8)   437.050/437.082   1k145 AFSK,SSTV,AUDIO   RS2S 
SWSU-55 No5 (YuZGU No9)   437.050/437.100   1k145 AFSK,SSTV,AUDIO   RS3S 
SWSU-55 No6 (YuZGU No10)  437.050/437.087   1k145 AFSK,SSTV,AUDIO   RS4S 
SWSU-55 No7 (YuZGU No11)  437.050/437.1125  1k145 AFSK,SSTV,AUDIO   RS5S 
SWSU-55 No8 (YuZGU No12)  437.050/437.000   1k145 AFSK,SSTV,AUDIO   RS6S 
Tsiolkovsky-Ryazan 1      437.050/437.025   1k145 AFSK,SSTV,AUDIO   RS9S 
Tsiolkovsky-Ryazan 2      437.050/437.0125  1k145 AFSK,SSTV,AUDIO   RS12S

AzaadiSAT to be launched on 7 Aug 2022

Indian satellite of Space Kidz India
SSLV rocket from Sriharikota, India
437.400 MHz, 1200bps FSK telemetry,
Camera pictures with AFSK SSTV and LoRa

Iran's Khayyam and 16 Russian small satellites

Launch: 9 Aug 2022
Rocket: Soyuz-2.1b
Site: Baikonur Cosmodrome

Satellites: Khayyam and Russian CubeSX-HSE-2, Monitor-1, UTMN, CYCLOPS,
Siren, KAI-1, Kuzbass-300, Skoltech-B1, Skoltech-B2, Polytech Universe-1,
Polytech Universe-2, Vizard, Geoscan-Edelweis, MIET-AIS, ISOI, ReshUCube

SXC3-212 (MGU,MONITOR-1)      437.550MHz   2k4_GMSK   RS32S
SXC3-213 (HSE-AIS,CUBESX-2)   435.570MHz   2k4_GMSK   RS21S
SXC3-214 (MIET-AIS)           437.900MHz   2k4_GMSK   RS28S
SXC3-215 (Vizard)             437.800MHz   2k4_GMSK   RS33S
SXC3-216 (UTMN)               435.670MHz   2k4_GMSK   RS23S
SXC3-217 (Siren)              437.750MHz   2k4_GMSK   RS30S
SXC3-218 (KuzSTU,KUZBASS)     437.700MHz   2k4_GMSK   RS34S
SXC3-219 (Medex,ISOI)         437.650MHz   2k4_GMSK   RS19S
SXC3-2110 (CYCLOPS,Voenmeh)   436.050MHz   2k4_GMSK   RS29S
SXC3-2111 (SibSU,RESHUCUBE1)  435.380MHz   2k4_GMSK   RS8S
Skoltech-B1                   435.000MHz   9k6_GMSK   R0AJU-1
Skoltech-B2                   435.000MHz   9k6_GMSK   R0AJU-1
Geoscan-Edelveis              436.200MHz   9k6_GFSK   RS20S
KAI-1                         435.765MHz   1k2_AFSK   RS26S
Khayyam                       unknown

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