Deployment from ISS

● (No.1077) Bobcat-1, DESCENT, NEUTRON-1, SATLLA-1, SPOC (2020年11月15日)

Bobcat-1       .      436.600            9k6/38k4 GMSK         *
DESCENT        .      435.775            19k34 GMSK            u
NEUTRON-1   145.840   435.300            1k2/9k6,FM            *
SATLLA-1       .      437.250/2401.000   476bps-9k6bps         u
SPOC           .      437.350/2401.300   9k6 GMSK/2Mbps QPSK   *

For NRCSD-19, there are eight Deployers preassembled in two Quad Deployers,
and a total of seven satellites will be deployed (SpOC, Bobcat-1, NEUTRON-1,
LEMUR2 v4.7/v4.8, DESCENT, and SAT-LLA) on 5 Nov 2020. station report

Ohio University
436.600MHz 9k6 GMSK

Lassonde School of Engineering @ York University
435.775MHz 19k34 GMSK

University of Hawaii
1k2-9k6 AX telemetry and FM voice UHF downlink and a VHF FM uplink
435.300MHz DOWN and 145.840MHz UP

Ariel University
satlla-1 into orbit
437.250MHz and 2401.000MHz, between 476 bps and 9k6 bps

The University of Georgia
437.350MHz 9k6 GMSK and 2401.300MHz 2Mbps QPSK IESS-308

Bobcat-1 38k4 telemetry decoding
HDSDR (Ver2.80) + Soundmodem (Ver0.01 for 38k4) + wav (edited by JA0CAW)

HDSDR (Ver2.80)

Soundmodem (Ver0.01 for 38k4)
Currently requesting to send it directly to UZ7HO

Sample wav (edited by JA0CAW)

> Re: 38k4 soundmodem
> From: "Andy UZ7HO"
> To: "Mineo JE9PEL"
> Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2020 14:37:10 +0300
> Hello Mineo,
> I have used 96000 hz sample rate, so check your SDR settings.
> I found that good settings are: 56-60 khz for IF filter and 28-30 khz
> for AF filter in HDSDR program.  SDR# seems does not work properly,
> at least audio signal looks cropped down to 16 khz.
> I have success with SatNOGS records, they were recorded in 48 khz
> format though (it requires better SNR then).

NEUTRON-1 1k2 telemetry decoding

NEUTRON-1 1k2 BPSK信号を、JA0CAW局と同様にデコードできた。
最新情報では、本日(22 Nov 2020) 聞こえていないらしい。

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