EnduroSat, EQUISat, MemSat, RadSat-g

● (No.1008) EnduroSat, EQUISat, MemSat, RadSat-g (2018年7月8日)

JAXA announced NRCSD#14 nine CubeSats deploy from ISS at 13th July.
The nine CubeSats are RainCube, Radix, CubeRRT, HaloSat, TEMPEST-D,
EnduroSat AD, EQUISat, MemSat and RadSat-g. (C)AMSAT-BB, 2018-July.

Association Tsiolkovsky, Bulgaria
437.050MHz  9600bps GFSK,CW

Brown University, USA
435.550MHz  9600bps 4LFSK,CW

Rowan University, USA
437.350MHz  9600bps BPSK

Montana State University, USA
437.425MHz 9600bps GMSK

[補足] 4値FSK (4-Level Frequency-Shift Keying)

EQUISat採用の 4値FSK について、次のサイトの解説がわかりやすいでしょうか。
Circuit Design, Inc.
Wireless World

また、放出後の26周回後に、400W の点滅が予定されていて、地上からもそれを
眺めることができるということです。過去の FITSAT衛星と同様な可視実験です。
Brown Space Engineering


Satellites were deployed successfully on 13 July 2018.

EnduroSat One Mission Update

Our satellite was deployed successfully!

Subject: EnduroSat One Mission Update
From: EnduroSat
To: Mineo Wakita
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2018 17:42:03 +0200


First of all thank you for participating in our first mission!
We are exited to share that our satellite was successfully deployed from
the ISS today (13.07.2018) at 14:20 UTC. Real TLE will be generated in
a couple days after the deployment by the US Air Force 18th Space Control
Squadron (or Joint Space Operations Center, JSpOC) and we will send you
an update as soon as possible.

Be the first one to track the satellite!
Follow the link below to find the TLE based on simulations for tracking
the satellite and upload it to the mission's website -

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