Sputnik-41(RS-18) 放出!

● (FUROKU.87) Sputnik-41(RS-18) 放出! (1998年11月11日)

 既に公表されているとおり、ロシアのスペースステーションMIR から
 本日、11/11 07:00JST (11/10 22:00UTC) 頃、「Sputnik-41(RS-18)」が

      EVA : 11/10 22:00UTC開始 - 11/11 04:00UTC終了
      145.812MHz (145.816 --> 145.808) [FM, CW, SSB]
      200mW_Beacon : Beep Beep Beep

 世界各局から、次のような情報が amsat-bb や sarex に流れています。

 From: "Claudio Ariotti" [ik1sld@ik1sld.org]
 Cc: amsat-bb@amsat.org
 Subject: [jamsat-amsat-bb:20675] R: Sputnik-41



      October 27, 1998

      AMSAT-F has delivered in September a new model of Sputnik Satellite
      ( Sputnik 41)
      This satellite will be on board of MIR the 27 of october 1998.
      It will be launch by hand during a Space Walk probably around the
      11th of November. It should take the name of RS18.
      This satellite is part of the programm of school satellite made
      in collaboration with Russian school.

      The satellite has been financed by the "Aeroclub de France" for his
      100 birthday.

      Technical Caracteristic:
      Size: same as RS17 ( 20 cm diameter)
      Weight: 3,5 kg.
      TX: 150 mW with 4 circularized antennas
      Frequency: 145.8125 MHz +/- 5 KHz +/- doppler.
      Life time expected : between 20 and 30 days ( no solar cells).
      Message: the cycle is one message of 5 secondes every 10 secondes.
      There are  2 recorded messages read in French, English and Russian
      In total there is a cycle of 9 records

      1: telemetry (AF frequency versus internal temperature. See table)

      2: French message:
      "1998 etait l'annee internationale de l'air et de l'espace"
      (message read by Aurelie Boivin 12 years old, daughter of F6CWN and

      3: English message
      " 1998 was the International year of Air and Space"
      ( Read by Constantin Tsiolkvosky-Sambourov,14 years old,
      great-grandson of Tsiolkvosky inventor of rockets and son of
      Sergej  Sambourov RV3DR)

      4: Russian message read by Michael Tsiokvosky-Sambourov, 12 years

      5: a record of the RS18 beep-beep

      6:French message
      " Programme spatial international de satellite educatif"
      (by Gerard Auvray F6FAO)

      7: English message:
      " International Space Scholl Sputnik Programm"
      read by  Victor Kourilov chief of the project

      8: Russian message read by Sergev Sambourov RV3DR ( grand soon of
      and responsable of the amateur activity on  MIR.

      9: Same as 5.

      Telemetry of internal temperature:
      -38 degre: 179 Hz
      -30 degre: 273 Hz
      -20 degre: 440 Hz
      -10 degre: 634 Hz
      + 0 degre: 830 Hz
      +10 degre: 1025 Hz
      +20 degre: 1200 Hz
      +30 degre: 1308 Hz
      +40 degre: 1405 Hz
      +45 degre: 1447 Hz
      +50 degre: 1483 Hz

   73 ik1sld Claudio


 E-Mail: ik1sld@ik1sld.org

 Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 10:00:01 +0200
 To: sarex@amsat.org
 From: Markku Korhonen [oh8uv@kainuumedia.fi]
 Subject: [jamsat-sarex:3607] Sputnik18

 Sputnik18 was heard last night ( the 10th-11th of November) first time
 here in KP34VJ, Paltamo, Finland at 2359-0006 UTC. Exactly the same as
 Mir tracking time.
 Signal was loud and clear, max S 9 + 5 dB.
 Between the messages there is a pause about 8-10seconds.  The message
 consists of:

 Sputnik "bep bep"
 tune ( 5 seconds, temperature beacon ?)
 1st voice message in French (YL)
 2nd voice message in English: "1998 was ..."
 3th voice message in Russian
 Sputnik "bep bep"
 4th voice message in French
 5th voice message in English "International Space..."
 6th voice message in Russian
 Sputnik "bep bep"

 You can hear the same voices from:

 73 de Markku