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Welcome to Tokyo.
About 130years ago,
it changed from the feudal capital Edo to the new capital Tokyo.
The Tokyo of Today is one of the safest,international,modern city.
Towering skyscrapers over the sky,highways cross the ground.
But it still reserves traditionnal arts,cultures and lifestyles.

This Home Page is a Guide to help your heartful Tokyo Tour.
AS the Japanese always say to a traveler starting out,wishing them a safe journey,
meaning "Have a nice day!","Itterassyai kiotukete!"

greenTokyo Information

greenTokyo Photo Tour

If you have got 1 or 2 days to spare in tokyo,
I strogly recommend you explore the streets of Tokyo.
This is an opportunity to become a Tokyoite for a moment and see the city
through the eyes of those that live there.

greenMOMIJIGARI-View the autumn leaves-

Walking Tour from Imperial Palace to Ginza

Walking Tour from Shibuya to Harajuku

greenBoat Tour of SUMIDA RIVER

greenWalking Tour Of SHITAMATI(traditional area)

greenWalking Tour From Ochanomizu ,Akihabara to Ueno

greenYURIKAMOME(new traansportation system)Tour

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Tokyo Jouney Home Page(JAPANESE)

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